The light is on but the machine fails to boot

A close friend is equipment lately passed away. In the beginning I assumed it would certainly be the power supply today it shows up the (environment-friendly) light on the front of the equipment is lit and also the motherboard light is additionally on. When an effort is made to power on the equipment there is no responses, such as a number of beeps. I currently think it is more probable to be the motherboard than the power supply. Based upon these signs and symptoms, what is your medical diagnosis? I can momentarily change the psu with among my very own if there is any kind of obscurity in the most likely source of the trouble to make certain whether the psu is at fault.

EDIT: I attached the motherboard plug from my equipment to the equipment concerned. The distinction this moment rounded starting it is, is the follower activates (and also the follower on my equipment). There is no result to the display yet I presume this can be as a result of my equipment being just 350watt and also the various other 400watt. There is a 4 pin plug attached on the various other motherboard. Attaching my plug to it transforms the equipment less competent (in contrast to the follower activating when just my mobo adapter is attached to it).

So, presuming it is prob the PSU ?

2022-06-07 14:36:59
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You might intend to attempt and also resetting the CMOS setups (with the ideal jumpers on the motherboard. The signs and symptoms you define audio comparable to a problem with the Dell Dimension 5150

Alas, for the 5150, it just gives a short-lived solution.

2022-06-07 15:14:41

It is possibly the motherboard, from the audio of it. If the light on the motherboard gets on it is most absolutely not a trouble with the PSU.

2022-06-07 15:03:13

Actually the "couple of beeps" are necessary. Well, the matter of them.

Some (most?) motherboards report reduced - degree concerns with beeps, as there is absolutely nothing else they can make use of to advise the customer something is incorrect (some have LEDs also). Regrettable in fact that the current computer system instances do not deliver any longer with an audio speaker, or that the motherboard do not featured an on - board beeper.

Describe the guidebook of the motherboard, they need to show the feasible source of the concern for each and every variety of beeps.

This type of diagnostic card is in fact wonderful to recognize boot concerns, as it reports with numbers the action the BIOS experiences when examining the equipment. And also it has an audio speaker in instance the case/MB does not have one. Aided me as soon as to repair a computer system not starting, it recognized a concern with the USB controller.

2022-06-07 15:03:01

Look for a physical trouble first.

  • Examine that every little thing is effectively seated in it is port (memory, graphics card, etc)

  • Check that all power links are strong.

  • Examine that the disk wires are strong.

  • If the motherboard has onboard graphics remove the graphics card and also usage that rather.

2022-06-07 15:02:26
  • ChrisF is factors are fairly valuable
  • Besides that have you additionally validated with your close friend that the default computer Speaker is wired?¢ If its not wired, you might be missing out on the beeps being reviewed by Snark
  • Is there a harddisk light (generally orange)? ¢ If so, does it flicker when the thumbs-up takes place?
  • And also, what is the state of the display?¢ Does it show the BIOS spray screen or any kind of sigh of life?¢ It can additionally be a graphics path problem¢ (with the harddisk attempting too yet absolutely nothing getting to the display screen)

btw: the beeps (if you can get them) are absolutely important.¢ Not just the . ¢ But, I am presuming you recognize that.

2022-06-07 15:02:23

Change the PSU if you can - if you have extra one, excellent.

I had specifically the very same trouble and also it became a negative PSU. PSU is do not constantly simply entirely pass away. Signs and symptoms on my very own computer system started with arbitrary restarts. After that the computer system would certainly occasionally get stuck throughout boot and also at some point it fell short to activate in all. The LED on the motherboard was still on so I was puzzled on what it was. I exchanged the PSU out (on a suspicion) and also every little thing has actually been great given that (6 months later on).

If you are exchanging the PSU, see to it it is effective sufficient to manage whatever parts you have in the computer system. You can get a respectable suggestion of what you require with this device here.

2022-06-07 15:02:09