Removed WinXP association to U1, and can't get it to work anymore

After examining the windows customer for U1 sync, I determined to examine the choices' settings, and also attempted to remove the organization for the WinXP terminal where I was functioning.

Currently I can start the customer, yet if I attempt to open the choices' settings the application quits.

I attempted to uninstall and also re-install, yet that will not transform the scenario: evidently the old settings are maintained the very same also after a complete reinstall.

2022-06-07 14:37:17
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Yes, there was a bug loaded for this. What you need to do is check into your computer system registry in the Windows equipments. The the Current User Key ou will certainly locate a Canonical key which contains a encypted variation of your Ubuntu One qualifications (we make use of OAtuh for that).

What is taking place is that the new installment is attempting to recycle some keys that have actually been gotten rid of in the web server side, so when it attempts to do any kind of job it goes bananas.

If you have troubles with appear #ubuntuone and also seek mandel I'm the wrongdoer of that code ;)

PS: I'm not generally below a lot, had you uploaded this on launch pad I would certainly have address it the very same day, sorry

2022-06-08 06:29:37