OS X won't boot. errno 19

I have a MacBook with OS X on one partition, a couple of various other dividings and also a Bootcamp Windows 7 on an additional partition.

Now, I can boot right into Windows yet I angle boot right into OS X. I am keying this while making use of Windows as the host OS.

When I boot right into OS X I get the banned indicator, and also boot right into OS X using Safe Mode, I see hfs_mountroot failed: 5 cannot mount root, errno = 19

At first look this appears to be an I/O concern, that my harddrive is passing away or something, yet the Windows partition functions faultlessly.

So something has actually taken place to the boot on that particular OS X partition. Various other position on the net claim the drive is done which I require to photo it or that I require the OSX start-up disc yet also after that its a wager. Yet I differ given that it is plainly that partition that is having some concerns with its boot method and also not the whole hard drive.

To better highlight my factor, my Windows 7 has actually MacDrive mounted, and also I can surf all the documents on my OS X HFS+dividings!

With that said in mind, exists anything I can do to get my OS X boot partition to function once more? Thanks!

2022-06-07 14:37:17
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What you might have the ability to attempt is running the fsck command in Single User Mode. As quickly as you push the power switch on your computer system, press and also hold Command+S till an incurable user interface shows up. When you see this: root:$ or something comparable, type fsck -f and also press enter. This will certainly start a documents system check which will certainly more than likely address your troubles. When it is ended up, type reboot and also press enter.

For my very own inquisitiveness, can you probably take an image of the outcomes? I would certainly wonder to see what it locates.

2022-06-09 11:23:47

I would certainly boot from the OS X start up disc that featured your equipment as a very first step. From there you can release Disk Utility and also run "Verify Disk." Although it might not be an equipment concern, this is an excellent, refuge to start your analysis operations from, given that it does not entail any kind of clean or re-install of your origin OS. If Disk Utility records that the disk is harmed, it might have the ability to deal with the trouble. See if that offers you any kind of explanation or settles your trouble prior to anything else.ยข Good good luck!

2022-06-07 15:05:08