How to set up encrypted Time Machine backups to a remote drive?

I have an exterior drive which I made use of to do encrypted TM back-ups to, using a straight USB link (i.e. the whole drive came to be encrypted - Lion).

I would love to switch over to cordless back-ups yet without permitting the information to come to be obtainable to other individuals in my network.

I thought of affixing the encrypted drive to a Mac web server on the network and also to in some way back to there - the trouble is just how do I get the unlocking of the drive to take place just on my neighborhood equipment? (I can not permit various other customers that log right into that web server to access the documents on the drive if it were to be opened by the web server)

2022-06-07 14:37:21
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I do not assume that you can do fairly what you are recommending (have the exterior drive attached to the web server and also just obtainable to your neighborhood equipment. That claimed, Time Machine at the very least made use of to be able to create a new encrypted disk photo on network shares and also back up to that. (In reality, under Leopard this was the only means to create an encrypted backup volume for use on a local drive.)

However, I do not recognize whether the moment Machine solution on your Mac Server will certainly store your back-up in a per - equipment encrypted disk photo like Time Machine on Leopard would certainly. Possibly somebody else can address that item.

2022-06-07 17:58:31