Can I delete Lion and re-install Snow Leopard while keeping my Boot Camp partition?

I updated my MacBook to Lion and also am much less than satisfied. I figured I need to re - install Snow Leopard.

Can I do that without damaging the lion partition?

Otherwise, can I at the very least maintain my Windows 7 Boot Camp partition? (And can I re - install Boot Camp on Snow Leopard and also aim it to the existing Boot Camp partition?)

2022-06-07 14:37:28
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The solution seems no. The Snow Leopard installer rejects to install over a more recent variation of Mac OS.

Remedy was to make use of Snow Leopard DVD to change to pre - Lion state.

The bright side is that there are no concerns with Boot Camp thus, just with locating the Mac OS partition from the Windows Boot Camp control board. It is really hard to locate the Boot Camp software program for Windows on Apple is website (fabulous convenience of usage) so it aids to maintain that software program around for a re - install. After the Boot Camp re - install on Windows every little thing functioned penalty. Snow Leopard is System Preferences simply locates the Windows partition.

2022-06-07 16:08:19

Yes - the Macintosh installer just touches information within the dividing when re - mounting Snow Leopard, yet there is no warranty the windows software program will certainly still start given that Apple does not sustain reversing like that. (i.e. they do not examine it so you have also much less sustain that what they attend to Boot Camp as a whole)

You might have concerns on the Boot Camp side if the older Boot Camp software program sees that your bootcamp dividing is more recent than it anticipates. This suggests it might not function, so you require to be supported and also prepared to re-install the Windows side of points unless somebody else can modify or address that they have actually examined this out numerous times. It could be great, yet I would certainly really feel negative if you took the Mac side being very easy as guarantee that every little thing would certainly function flawlessly on the Windows side after you reverse.

The sensible point would certainly be to install Snow Leopard onto an exterior drive and also swap that inside the mac to examine whether Boot Camp will certainly work with your new arrangement. This entails time and also possibly technology cash, so you could intend to explore virtualization prices if that is a sensible choice to you.

2022-06-07 15:06:42