How do I get Finder windows to reopen on start up?

I simply obtained my new computer system with system 10.7.2 and also this is actually badgering me. I such as having a couple of Finder home windows constantly open. When I shut down and afterwards start up my computer system the next day, all the home windows I had actually opened up in the Finder are shut save one. It constantly simply has a solitary Finder window open. If I have 5 home windows open when I shut down, I desire all 5 of them open the next day. Just how do I make this take place? I can not emphasize this adequate. The home windows will not remain opened up on reactivate.

In the basic choices I have the "Restore home windows when giving up " switch examined. When I shut down, the "Reopen home windows when logging back in" switch constantly continues to be examined. I can locate nothing else reference anywhere pertaining to home windows upkeep and also it is driving me nuts! This need to be a no - brainer yet I can not locate any kind of means of remedying this scenario. It appears almost everywhere I view on - line, individuals are having the specific contrary trouble.

2022-06-07 14:37:51
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There could be numerous response to that.

  • Your recover for finder can be damaged in some way. Delete the ~/Library/Saved Application State/ and also offer it a shot
  • Your finder application might be set up NOT to recover the windows. Attempt this: defaults write NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows -bool true

Does your various other applications have the very same practices? Have you attempted with an additional username to see just how it goes?


2022-06-08 02:04:49