How do I merge System partition with another HFS+ partition without data loss?

My hard drive is divided in 3 noticeable dividings: System , Data and also Backup . ¢ I would certainly such as to combine System (OS X Lion) and also Data right into one partition without information loss.

Disk Utility will not allow me resize the system partition:

That is my full arrangement:

Apparently, I can not make use of mergePartitions due to the fact that diskutil man claims:

mergePartitions [force] format name fromDevice toDevice

Merge 2 or even more dividings on a disk.¢ All information on joined dividings apart from the first will certainly be shed.

I can visualize lowering Data dimension, developing a New partition, relocating all documents from Data to New and also waging mergePartitions, hence combining System and also Data right into System+Data . After that I possibly can relocate things from New to the joined System+Data partition and also combine them all.

Nonetheless I'm unclear what will certainly take place to Recovery HD that separates System and also Data . Will it get eliminated? If so, just how can I recover it?

2022-06-07 14:37:55
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You do not require to combine them.

You can resize dividings right?

Do such a socoban:

  1. Make a back-up
  2. Shrink 'Data' partition (leave simply a pair gigabytes free)
  3. Enlarge 'Backup' partition so you can place things from 'Data' someplace (at the very least short-lived)
  4. Put every little thing from 'Data' in some folder on 'Backup'
  5. Make certain that 'Data' is vacant and also delete it
  6. Now you have to have a great deal of vacuum in between 'System' and also 'Backup' so you can expand 'System' partition or rearrange room in between them as you like
2022-06-08 04:18:23

There is definitely no other way that you need to also assume concerning doing any one of this without a full back-up on a different disk. Validate the back-up prior to starting.

1) If you have a full back-up, the most convenient means to do this would certainly be to clean every little thing, make the dividings you desire, and afterwards replicate the details back from your back-up. If your Recovery HD is removed, there is no other way to re - create it without re-installing the OS. (At the very least none that I can locate when I was looking lately.)

2) Assuming you have a back-up OTHER than that Backup partition, if you intend to try to combine these, I would certainly attempt it in this order:

a. Delete the 'Backup' partition.

b. Merge 'Data' partition and also previous 'Backup' partition.

c. Merge System partition and also various other partition.

d. Re - create the 'Backup' partition and also recover it from whatever back-up you have.

I have actually done numerous real-time - system partition resizings without troubles. Nonetheless, the one-time that there was a trouble, I needed to reformat the whole drive and also begin again.

2022-06-07 15:09:01

I noted TJ Luoma is solution as proper given that his strategy looks cleaner, nonetheless I determined to take a threat and also do a real-time resizing. In instance this could aid a person intend their very own actions, I leave below a checklist of my activities. They might not be most sensible or proper yet they benefited me.


No, actually. You can shed all your information, consisting of the system. Do not do it. ¢ And this will certainly function just if Data partition is much less than 45% complete . ¢ And I'm not also certain this will certainly benefit you anyhow.

You have actually been advised.

My actions were as adheres to:

  1. Boot right into Recovery HD loader by pushing R throughout the boot
  2. Open Disk Utility, select my HDD and also open Partition tab
  3. System partition currently has a resize grasp. Nonetheless it is "blocked" by Data partition that comes right after it. I do not have much details on Data so I divided it just as in 2 dividings bdsh allow is call them Data A and also Data B . Information A is huge sufficient to fit every little thing Data had. Information B is vacant.

  4. Click Apply

  5. Select the disk (the first origin thing in left pane), open First Aid tab and also click Verify Disk . Await the confirmation to end.

  6. Currently we intend to relocate every little thing from Data A to Data B . I picked Data A in the left pane, clicked Restore tab and also dragged Data B to the Destination area. Resource is A , location is B .

  7. Click Restore and also await Data A to be replicated right into Data B .

  8. Once more, select the disk (the first origin thing in left pane), open First Aid tab and also click Verify Disk . Await the confirmation to end.

  9. Currently you have 2 the same dividings, Data A and also Data B . The first one protects against System from resizing. Open Partition tab, select Data A and also click the minus glyph (it might not show up so I consisted of a photo bdsh it is simply listed below the checklist).

  10. Select the disk (the first origin thing in left pane), open First Aid tab and also click Verify Disk . Await the confirmation to end.

  11. Most likely to Partition tab and also resize System so it takes room that was formerly possessed by Data A and also currently is unallocated. Click Apply .

  12. Select the disk (the first origin thing in left pane), open First Aid tab and also click Verify Disk . Await the confirmation to end.

  13. Rename Data B to simply Data so your quantity name does not transform.

  14. Quit Disk Utility and also boot right into OS X.

  15. Copy whatever information you require from Data to System (it has adequate room currently).

  16. Examine you actually replicated the documents you require.

  17. Examine once more.

  18. Are you certain?!

  19. Open Disk Utility in OS X, remove Data and also resize System .

  20. I desire you the most effective of good luck.

2022-06-07 15:08:44