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Basically I'm mosting likely to go a little bit wide below and also ask a couple of inquiries to get a little an image of just how individuals are taking care of UI nowadays.

Recently I've located it rather simple some expensive points with UI layout and also with WPF especially we are locating new means to do formats that are much better looking and also extra useful for the customer, yet on the other hand among business concentrated individuals at our local.NET User Group would not also consider making use of WPF till it had a datagrid that he can make use of to make Excel like input kinds.

  1. So primarily, have you reassess the layout of your organization applications as you relocate to Web/WPF/Silverlight layouts, due to the fact that for us at the very least - in winforms we maintained points rather useful and also consistent, or are you attempting to maintain that "known" UI?

  2. Would certainly a committed layout individual (for bigger groups), or a dev with even more layout chops rate greater when considering working with nowadays? (Check out what a developer provided for Scott Hanselman's BabySmash and also Microsoft's Prism demo)

  3. Are there any kind of layout hints/tips/guidelines you make use of for your UI - specifically for WPF?

  4. What websites would certainly you advise for layout?

2022-06-07 14:38:00
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Microsoft is constructing a DataGrid for WPF. A CTP can be located here.

2022-06-07 16:36:11

@Lars Truijens - Thanks, yet I assume for 99% of instances that is a dreadful suggestion, and also sure, there are usages - yet I've located that with WPF there is commonly a better means to do it.

Plus you can make use of textboxes, and also make use of an Enter as Tab override to relocate via them conveniently and also promptly.

2022-06-07 16:35:18

@David H Aust That becomes part of the factor for asking the inquiry - with these more recent devices like WPF that offer themselves to giving more recent, extra detailed, and also at the very same time less complex for the customer, user interfaces that we could require to adjust to new means of doing points.

And also searching for out that else is adapting/interested and also what they are doing, and also where they get some ideas, expertise or aid

IE: This is me being aggressive concerning adjustment in perhaps the slackest fashion ever before, except proactively googling

^ That was a joke, to make it clear, I'm in fact rather energetic concerning finding out new things, I'm simply locating several of the crowdsourcing stackoverflow vs googling rather intriguing

2022-06-07 15:53:23

@aku "I assume WPF can substantially boost customer experience."

I think that WPF has impressive possibility as a device to make UIs extra imaginative and also much better matched to the real information that is being presented, BUT.

Simply the plain act of making use of WPF isn't mosting likely to make wonderful UIs show up out of no place.

A wonderful woodworker might make use of the most effective timber functioning devices, yet that does not suggest that if you grabbed his devices you would certainly suddenly be bulging great furnishings.

Making Use Of WPF over HTML/Flash/WinForms/ etc simply raises your possibility . ยข If that is possible for ugliness or possibility for elegance depends on you.

2022-06-07 15:52:12

I advise that you read Steve Krug's Don't Make Me Think first. Guide has a wonderful list of points that you need to think about when making your UIs. While it is concentrated on internet use, a great deal of the lessons therein are beneficial also to desktop computer application developers.

That being claimed, whether you make use of Windows kinds or WPF or Flash or whatever new and also glossy point that occurs is, it is of utmost relevance to work with either a) an actual developer, or b) a growth individual with a great deal of UI layout experience, either of which that can give you a significant URL for their layout profile. It will certainly aid a whole lot not just in boosting the layout of your application yet additionally unburdening your programmers from thinking of UI layout, and also permit them to concentrate on the back - end code.

When it comes to "business focused" individuals - - it would certainly be actually wonderful if you would certainly get the point of view of real consumers and also risk owners, and also have them do some use screening for your application. It is their point of view that would certainly matter the majority of.

I assume it would certainly not be hard to get an excellent developer up to speed up on Microsoft Expression Blend to work up some excellent XAML layouts that your group can make use of ahead up with an actually excellent item.

2022-06-07 15:52:05

The entire principle of re - assuming a UI of an existing application hinges on the target market. For a monotonous organization application, like audit or budgeting, it might also be counter - effective. For one, customers of those sort of applications may have made use of a comparable looking UI for several years and also years, and also 2nd, looking also "cute" and also vivid can also bring an assumption of plaything - ishness (is that a word?) with it.

We have actually done numerous new tasks with the most up to date & best UI gizmos, and also essentially for new applications it appears to be a great chance to get some responses from a real-time target market. After that it obtains less complicated to convert that responses right into existing applications.

We additionally have some applications which are still proactively created (and also made use of clearly), where the UI looks virtually like in Windows 3.1. They are horrible, grey, confusing, and also our just actual developer is constantly attempting to get an approval to bring it to the existing centrury - yet the largest consumer proactively rejects this. They claim it is simply great, individuals recognize just how to utilize it, and also it functions also in their earliest computer systems.

2022-06-07 15:45:15

Here is a wonderful screen cast where Billy Hollis enters into most of these concerns:

2022-06-07 15:40:07

I assume WPF can substantially boost customer experience.

Nonetheless there are very little organization oriented controls around which suggests you require to do a whole lot on your own.

When it comes to developers I assume it is actually tough to locate WPF developer currently days, it still would certainly be a committed designer instead after that make - just individual.

I wish that this scenario will certainly transform in local attribute.

I assume it deserves at the very least start trying out WPF to be able to take on upcoming remedies.

2022-06-07 15:03:44