Can't resize maximized lenses in Unity

I'm beginning to appreciate on a daily basis a little bit an increasing number of Unity. Yet till currently I'm seeking a response to just how resize the lenses in Unity. It takes the entire screen and also I would love to have the ability to resize it.

I attempted prior to looking almost everywhere and also theres no response to just how resize it when you get the lens made best use of. Currently attempted to resize the screen to see if I can get this alternative yet without a success.

2022-06-07 14:38:11
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As Octavien Damien clarified below:

Configuration Editor (dconf - editor)

There are additionally some alternatives you can modify making use of dconf-editor (demands to be mounted first by mounting dconf-tools at Ubuntu Software Center or by clicking here):

  1. Open up the Configuration Editor by pushing Alt+F2 and also keying dconf-editor

  2. Navigate to Desktop -> Unity to locate the first 2 alternatives:

    • form-factor: The kind variable picked will certainly influence the dimension of the Dash. Desktop computer makes use of a dealt with sized Dash, Netbook will certainly constantly make best use of the Dash to screen dimension, Automatic determines whether to make use of Desktop or Netbook based upon the screen resolution
    • home-expanded: Whether the residence screen of the Dash need to be increased ( Expanded ) or otherwise ( Not Expanded )
2022-06-07 15:00:25

desgua is answer has the guidelines on just how to set the dashboard dimension.

Now there are 2 dimensions. Made best use of (fullscreen), and also Desktop, which is a type of 1/3 coveredish design you see on most of the screenshots.

2022-06-07 15:00:18