myCloud: Is self-hosting iCloud possible?

It appears that Apple is pressing cloud assimilation right currently, yet additionally that they have no passion in giving the capacity to pick in between their very own web server - side offering (iCloud) and also what various other firms might need to offer the table. That appears to make all the wonderful iCloud customer includes pointless for sure individuals (such as Europeans that are restricted by regulation to post particular records to information facilities in North Carolina).

Is it at all feasible to fool OS X and also iphone tools right into talking with web servers of my picking apart from Apple's, at the very least for component of the solutions? Exists any kind of documents just how iCloud is constructed? Does it make use of any kind of standard methods in all?

2022-06-07 14:38:24
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Somewhat. Not specifically.

You can run an Exchange web server which will certainly offer you push email, schedule and also calls. This can be set up on all your tools (also pre - iOS 5). This is virtually what you obtain from the equal iCloud things.

Yet there isn't a means to access the Documents in the Cloud or iTunes in the Cloud attributes without iCloud. (Although you can make use of Dropbox to store things, it does not collaborate with iTunes or iWork). This is largely due to the fact that Apple created the solutions from scratch, they aren't making use of an existing solution. So while there are APIs, there aren't criteria.

Apple could understandably open a EU information centre in the future.

2022-06-07 16:08:40