How can I make VMware ESX use the hardware MAC address?

VMware ESX 3.5 and also 4.0 create software program NICs that are linked to the physical user interface. I'm releasing ESX in a DHCP setting with appointed addresses, so the install is performed with a set DHCP address. When the install finishes, ESX develops the software program NIC with a phony MAC address and also hence does not order the desired DHCP appointed address for package.

Exists a means to overturn this actions without screwing up visitor networking? Is this advised or does it violate the usage version for ESX?

2022-06-07 14:38:31
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It is tough to distinguish your summary, yet I assume what you are seeing is that the MAC address of the solution console is various than the MAC address made use of by the web server throughout the installment. ESX can additionally have actually appointed IP addresses for VMotion/VKernel solutions.

It appears to me like you need to readjust your DHCP arrangement blog post - install to offer the correct IP address to the new MAC address due to the fact that the physical user interfaces in ESX can be made use of for numerous objectives (VM networking, iSCSI, solution console, VMotion, etc)

If readjusting the DHCP arrangement isn't what you are seeking, you can transform the MAC address of a digital user interface by editing and enhancing the/ etc/sysconfig/network - scripts/ifcfg - vswif0 documents at the solution console and also reactivating networking (at the very least in 3.5)

NOTE: The vsiwf # might be various in your setting so make certain you are editing and enhancing the proper apply for your arrangement.

2022-06-07 15:03:40