How to install and configure sendmail for php

I am running LAMP on my Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop linux and also utilizing it as a growth equipment.

I require to send e-mails from my php web pages, yet it appears that the sendmail php command requires sendmail mounted on the laptop computer.

I recognize I can install sendmail by sudo aptitude install sendmail, yet do not recognize just how to configure it as after mounting it and also reactivating apache2, sendmail from php still does not function and also returns no mistakes in all.

I am thinking sendmail requires to be set up after mounting it, prior to it can be made use of in php.

Consequently, my inquiry is, just how do I install and also set up sendmail on ubuntu 10.04 so I can make use of sendmail using cli at the very least.

2022-06-07 14:38:33
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hope this will certainly aid aid

I have not attempted sendmail, i usage postfix.

2022-06-07 15:03:08