Trying to create tunnel to MySQL through SSH

I'm in a little a bind below. I have a customer that desires me to set up his internet site, yet he runs the web server w/ SSH and also CentOS 6.2 as its OS.

Currently, I'm attempting to add the SQL web server on MySQL Workbench for very easy handling, yet I can not connect to MySQL. The SSH link functions penalty, and also I get advantages with sudo, in a manner of speaking.

The web server individual claimed (and also I make use of PuTTY incidentally ): Open a passage on port 3306 (resource) to dest: 127.0.0 .1:3306 which is the MySQL port.

I have the customer as "root" and also have actually attempted with the password I make use of to browse through to my neighborhood SQL (phpmyadmin) as origin, and also I've attempted without password.

He additionally stated that the MySQL web server just replies to loopback.

Hereafter I have not found him, and also have really minimal time. If you have reminders / pointers or aid I would certainly be really grateful.

After plenty of hrs of failing, I saw I had actually made use of the incorrect username for the MySQL link inside Workbench. I made use of the like my SSH login, which was incorrect in my instance. I needed to utilize my committed MySQL username (clearly).

2022-06-07 14:38:36
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I utilized my SSH login for the Mysql link in workbench, which in my instance was a mistake, as I had a committed Mysql login username and also password. I additionally needed to define the system I was visiting to.

2022-06-07 16:11:34

With PuTTY, set up the passage details as given by the web server individual (Connection - > SSH - > Tunnels). Yet make use of whatever hostname and also user/password that you would certainly for a "regular" SSH link, which you claim jobs great.

You do not require an origin SSH login to the CentOS web server, simply your very own SSH login. The passage allows Mysql Workbench talk with MySQL as if it were working on your very own neighborhood equipment.

or are you claiming that you have the SSH passage developed, yet you can not login efficiently to MySQL?

2022-06-07 15:09:17