I don’t want to View Photos or Listen to Music from the Dash, how can I change them to something I will use?

The View Photos and also Listen to Music faster ways in the Unity Dash are pointless to me due to the fact that I have my image and also songs directory sites arranged and also I simply surf to the what I intend to see / listen to and also open the files from there. I actually would such as have Eclipse and also Pidgin conveniently obtainable, yet not always in the Launcher if I' m not running them. I ca n`t locate any kind of setups wherefore turns up there, and also all the searches I' ve done simply bring me to individuals inquiring about just how to transform the default program for images. I' m penalty with doing something like editing and enhancing a config documents to get what I desire if there' s no setups GUI bdsh I simply do n`t recognize where to look.

2022-06-07 14:38:42
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This is evidently still the instance in 11.10.

The faster ways "Browse the Web" and also "Listen to Music" reply to the setups located in the application "System - info" under the "Default Applications" tab.

Nonetheless, "View Photos" does not.

In addition, you can not modify the alternatives revealed under "Default Applications", so you can not, as an example have "View Photos" open Picasa.

I desire this was dealt with, as I'm establishing the computer system for a non technological customer that relies upon picasa and also webmail, and also they will not recognize the reality that the web links on the unity control panel take them to the incorrect area.

2022-06-27 14:23:03

There is presently no other way to do this in 11.04.

Now the groups on the first row are hardcoded and also the 2nd row is tough coded to the internet browser, image application, mail, and also songs gamer that the customer has actually set.

2022-06-07 14:59:28