No Window Manager and no Networking

I'm in a little a pickle now as a result of a couple of errors I made on my Ubuntu install. Presently, I have no window supervisors (so I'm ranging from an incurable) and also no networking, wired or wireless. Below is the backstory:

I updated to 11.04 a few days ago and also determined I really did not such as Unity one little bit. After a little Googling, I uncovered that GNOME 3 was readily available (not understanding it was still a beta) and also mounted it from a ppa. Regardless of the attractive user interface, it really did not exercise for me, given that I had no net connection. When I understood I can no more also make use of Unity, I worried and also made use of proper - reach remove the major GNOME 3 plans in the hopes of turning around the damages.

Rather, this left me with simply an incurable. I attempted making use of ppa - cleanup, yet it will not function without net. I'm reasonably certain I can recover Unity if I get wired networking back. So my major inquiry is - any kind of pointers for repairing it?

Many thanks a number I've actually gone and also done it this moment.


2022-06-07 14:38:43
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You might have the ability to get connection by running sudo dhclient eth0 with your network wire connected in.

2022-06-08 05:41:15