What is the difference between a Mac mini and a Mac mini server?

Apple markets 2 Mac minis ; one is a web server version, the various other is a typical Mac mini. What are the distinctions in between the Mac mini and also the Mac mini server?¢ I recognize that the web server does not have an optical drive and also runs a web server version of OS X. Besides this, what are the various other distinctions? What is the benefit of acquiring a Mac mini over acquiring a Mac mini web server? (besides, certainly, that the web server runs OS X Server, and also one is much faster than the various other) Will the web server last much longer, have the ability to take care of running 24/7, whereas the typical one will not?

2022-06-07 14:38:52
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The distinction is a couple of hundred bucks.¢ Kidding apart, however, there are numerous distinctions in between both versions. Some distinctions are that the web server variation escapes of a Quad - Core i7, has twin 500 GB HDDs and also an extra effective graphics processor.¢ Check out the side - by - side contrast here.

2022-06-07 15:09:13

Comparison of Mac Mini and also Mac Mini Server (since mid 2011)


  • Server: Quad core i7
  • Mac Mini: Dual core i5

    • The base version of the Mac Mini does not sustain AES - NI which is advised when making use of FileVault 2


  • Server version and also Mac Mini base version: incorporated HD Graphics 3000
  • High end Mac Mini: committed graphics, AMD Radeon HD 6630M with GDDR5

    • Note: This is really advised for Lion on huge exterior display screens. The incorporated HD Graphics 3000 do not perform well in Lion since 10.7.3 - also on my 15" MBP

Hard drive:

  • Server: 2 x 500GB at 7400rpm
  • Mac Mini: 1 x 500GB at 5400rpm - and also hence quieter

Optical Drive:

  • Server: none
  • Mac Mini: none


  • The web server version weights 0.3 extra pounds extra

Video, Audio, Network, Dimensions:

  • very same
2022-06-07 15:07:22