Console ScreenSaver without X11

I'm attempting to arrangement a really lost weight console just Debian system to work as a straightforward slide show image display screen. I recognize that it is feasible to show graphics (I presume making use of the framebuffer) in the console without running X11 yet I have not had the ability to locate anything that I can make use of to present images.

Has any person in fact ever before made a console based image screensaver? Or exists at the very least some plan around that would certainly get me component of the means there? I recognize that there are alternatives for Gnome, KDE, etc yet it would certainly be wonderful if I can maintain this construct as straightforward as feasible.

2022-06-07 14:39:00
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Turns out that I located the solution. Debian has actually a plan called fbi that attracts a photo to the framebuffer from the console (the actual one, not the incurable emulator in X11). Also can do slide shows

2022-06-07 15:12:03