Prevent specific USB device from automounting

I have a SD card which is constantly put in my SD - card port. Nonetheless, I do rarely utilize it (yet do not intend to take it out). Presently, it is being vehicle - placed every single time I start my computer system. I feel this could with time break the SD card needlessly. So my inquiry is: just how to stop this certain SD card from being placed instantly? Whenever I require it, I'll place it by hand.

I've located this write-up:

Which clarifies specifically what to do making use of HAL, yet considered that HAL is deprecated I'm seeking a means of doing this making use of udev.

Making Use Of Arch Linux.

2022-06-07 14:39:05
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Devices stated in/ etc/fstab will certainly be dealt with as stated there - in. This will certainly protect against whatever vehicle - system is made use of to manage "unknown" tools, when affixed. consists of the referral I thought of for just how to deal - with/defeat the vehicle - placing systems of OSX, yet the principles need to convert.

2022-06-07 19:04:20