Why does my Macbook Air automatically shut down when i connect my iPhone to it?

It does not take place every single time. The last time I attached my iPhone to my MacBook Air was recently, and also every little thing was great.

Occasionally my MacBook Air closes down when I connect my iPhone to it. What should I do around this?

2022-06-07 14:39:07
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The Macbook Air attempts to provide a complete billing existing to the iPhone, yet when the Air is working on battery and also does not have a complete cost, it lots the battery down sufficient for the Air to enter into reduced power setting.

When you connect you iPhone, see to it you have a complete battery on the Air, or are connected in. This will certainly additionally take place much less regularly if the iPhone battery is complete, yet the major concern is seeing to it the Air has adequate power to offer a complete amp to the iPhone without closing down.

This does not influence the bigger note pads as visibly as a result of their bigger battery packs, yet as they age and also when they have reduced cost you would certainly see the very same concern from them.

2022-06-08 04:02:20

Have you examined if this occurs with a details wire and also a details port. Also a new tool can have a damaged wire as I simply acquired an iPhone four, and also the consisted of wire closures my MacBook Air simply when I connect it to the appropriate USB port of the MBA.

2022-06-08 03:50:36