Does not boot after installation on Dell Precision T3500

I have the ability to install Ubuntu 11.04, yet I need to pass the noahci (or ahci=off) parameter to the bit as component of the installment procedure. As soon as the installment procedure is full the system will certainly not boot.

By getting rid of the adhering to things from the bit line in the GRUB arrangement I can rather see what is taking place:


Also, I've been transforming the 'gfxpayload' parameter to 'message'.

Under these problems I can observe the boot procedure. When I reach the running manuscripts section the message typeface shows up to transform. It goes from an intense vibrant white to an extra low-key, non - vibrant white. After that the screen goes empty and also I'm once more stuck.

I can sound the equipment, yet I can not ssh in as ssh is not made it possible for.

I have a Dell Precision T3500 with an NVidia video card with DisplayPort results.

My trouble appears comparable to this askubuntu question.

2022-06-07 14:39:07
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You either do not have GRUB or GRUB is display screen isn't collaborating with your display (like mine really did not)

I'm totally certain yet after your dash screen, attempt pushing enter when your screen is empty and also it could boot the OS that would certainly of been first in GRUB is checklist.

either install grub (sudo proper - get install grub) OR if you take care of too the first OS it suggests your display can not present nonetheless GRUB presents Install the Start - up Manager (search it Software Centre). After that increase all the screen resolutions and also colour midsts etc etc Worked for me

2022-06-07 15:08:16

Passing the adhering to parameters to the bit on the 'linux' line addressed the trouble:

pci=noacpi,nocrs acpi=off pcie_aspm=off

For excellent action I additionally got rid of these things from the 'linux' line:


I additionally transformed the 'gfxpayload' to 'message'. This permitted me to in fact see what was taking place at boot.

2022-06-07 14:51:56