TotalTerminal doesn't work with full-screen apps

TotalTerminal (previous Visor) is an outstanding plugin for Terminal that transforms it right into a Quake - design console that glides down on a key mix.

This is enormously valuable for growth due to the fact that I can type commands while creating code or surfing without added window hustle.

However, TotalTerminal does not play well with fullscreen applications. If I place Sublime Text in fullscreen setting and also trigger Terminal, Mission Control will certainly scroll to the local non - fullscreen room readily available, and also just after that will certainly it show the Terminal.

This is really aggravating. Is it feasible to deal with or function around this concern?

2022-06-07 14:39:10
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This is a known issue and also the author doesn't plan to repair it.

I urge a person to go better and also implement it due to the fact that directly I do not make use of fullscreen applications now and also I do not intend to repair this anytime quickly.

The good news is, there is a workaround defined by vvlad.

As an workaround you can set LSUIElement in Terminal is Info.plist

It has several drawbacks yet or else functions like a beauty:

  • Terminal no more reveals on Dock ;
  • There is a room the dimension of the leading bar in addition to every TotalTerminal visor opened up on fullscreen applications home windows ;
  • You can no more to normal Terminal home windows ;
  • You can not Force Kill Terminal procedure

This is just how it will certainly resemble:

How It Works

LSUIElement (String - Mac OS X) defines whether the application runs as a representative application. If this key is readied to "1", Launch Services runs the application as a representative application. Representative applications do not show up in the Dock or in the Force Quit window. Although they commonly run as history applications, they can involve the foreground to offer an interface if wanted. A click a window coming from a representative application brings that application onward to take care of occasions.

The Dock and also loginwindow are 2 applications that run as representative applications.

Just how to Do It

  1. Open Terminal (thinking you currently have actually TotalTerminal mounted)
  2. Run sudo nano /Applications/Utilities/
  3. Add these 2 lines right after opening up <dict> tag:

    <true />
  4. Save and also close the documents by pushing ^O Enter ^X
  5. Quit Terminal and also release it once more
2022-06-07 15:07:56