Lion Server: If I create two websites with the same domain name but different ports, web service won't start

So, I updated my organization web server to Lion the other day - BIG blunder. Nonetheless I actually desire the WDE that features FileVault 2, so I'm attempting to manage all the fuzz. One point that I can not identify, nonetheless, is why the internet solution can not start when I add a domain two times, yet with various ports.

Below is what I do: 1, examplecom is included with an SSL certficiate (port 443). All is excellent, website can be accessed. 2, examplecom is included without SSL (port 80). Internet solution passes away, can not start, and also all my websites pass away promptly.

Any kind of suggestions?

OK, so I identified the trouble at the very least ; whenever an SSL domain name is included, additionally conserves a redirect for the port 80 matching of the SSL domain name, called 0000_any_80_example. com_shadow. conf. It has to be the _ shadow.conf that is collapsing with the normal port 80 domain.conf.

When I understood this, I quit the Web solution, got rid of the darkness documents, created a new "regular".conf documents which I after that relabelled to _ shadow.conf, and also activated Web solution Only to see it be overwritten by the service.: (

Oh, well - trouble addressed with a very easy workaround. I simply conserved the port 80 domain name in different ways, so I did this:

Port 443:, added domain names: *. Port 80:, added domain names: *.,

Worked wonderful, the good news is.

I still would certainly such as a "real" remedy, however. Any kind of suggestions?

2022-06-07 14:39:14
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The production of __shadow.conf documents could not be dropped in Lion Server.

Apache can be quit from filling these __shadow.conf arrangement documents by changing /etc/apache2/httpd.conf.

There is an area near the bottom that looks like:

    Include /etc/apache2/sites/*.conf

You can transform that to for eample (expand the checklist to match all tld is that your are organizing) :

    Include /etc/apache2/sites/virtual_host_global.conf
    Include /etc/apache2/sites/*_.conf
    Include /etc/apache2/sites/*.nl.conf
    Include /etc/apache2/sites/*.com.conf
2022-07-25 08:03:57