Is it possible to play 1080p MKV files on iPad2 over uPnP?

I have actually simply configured my Drobo FS to be a uPnP web server on which I have great deals of 1080p MKVs.

My little child enjoys his flicks (Nemo / Cars / etc), so I was wanting to have the ability to allow him see them on the iPad streamed from the Drobo.

Am I fantasizing the difficult desire below?

Or have I strike some equipment constraint of the iPad and/or the transmission capacity restrictions of my wifi?


The documents are primarily AVC for video and also DTS for audio


Since I currently had actually plex mounted on my iPad (which I acquired on iTunes) I re - made it possible for the software program on my computer web server and also simply aimed it to my Drobo flick share. I was actually wanting to not need to transcode, yet I presume that will certainly need to wait till I've obtained much faster wifi and also an extra qualified tablet computer ;)


I was having a play today as I would certainly fairly such as to see some 720p television programs I have actually (saved on my DroboFS) on my iPad2. Yet it appears I can not also see those. Concerning the only points I can see efficiently are SD AVIs (really reduced bitrate)

2022-06-07 14:39:25
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Personally, I do this with a DLNA intermediary working on a Windows equipment. In my instance I make use of ZumoCast. It has a web server - side part (I run the Windows - based part on yet you can make use of the Mac one if you have a Mac in your residence) and afterwards an iDevice gamer that attaches up to it. The web server - side part does transcoding on the fly for you and also I've absolutely had the ability to utilize it with high - resolution files that remain in MKV containers with no concerns.

At its heart, ZumoCast is a DLNA web server and also customer that simply sort of maintains all of it within the family members. The ZumoCast customer will just talk with ZumoCast DLNA web servers.

There are application store applications that claim to any kind of DLNA or uPnP web server for streaming. I have no experience with them however. Some are free so you can attempt threat - free at the very least. As an example:

Those are simply a couple of that turned up in a fast search.

Just how well they function? Tough to claim. It is mosting likely to be really depending on your tool and also your network. A 1080p video clip+audio stream over your WiFi network could push it to the restriction. Add transcoding and also resolution downsampling (your iPad 2 just has 1024 x 728 pixels so it needs to resample 1080p web content to fit it on the screen) on the iDevice and also you might not get the best watching experience.

2022-06-07 15:10:18

It actually relies on the codec made use of (MKV is simply a container). Fuppes and also XMBC might help you yet you require to jailbreak:

iDevices can playback most video clips conserved as high as 1080p.

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XBMC on iphone can playback all layouts sustained by XMBC in typical definition. As a result of technological constraints just H. 264 (approximately High Profile) inscribed video clips are sustained for hd. The iPad 2 and also apple iphone four are the only exemptions to this and also will certainly play a few other HD codecs (methods anything with 720p resolution and also over) as a result of the extra effective CPU inside.

2022-06-07 15:10:10