How can I share a desktop / log in graphically for an Ubuntu that I have ssh but not console access to?

Share your Ubuntu Desktop Using Remote Desktop informs just how to share a desktop computer by establishing numerous attributes from within a GUI.

Exists such a HOWTO that is based upon ssh command line accessibility? I would love to recognize just how I can from another location access a desktop computer from Ubuntu or any kind of various other os where I have ssh accessibility and also can install plans, yet not visual console accessibility.

2022-06-07 14:39:32
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Install x11vnc sudo-apt install x11vnc.

If there is a customer currently visited run x11vnc -display :0

If no person is visited and also you recognize the course to your existing DM (Display Manager), run sudo x11vnc -auth /path/to/x11auth -display :0

Or you can attempt presuming on the auth documents x11vnc -auth guess -display :0

And Just in instance you are new to VNC, this link will certainly get you up to speed up fast:

2022-06-07 15:12:18

@Tim's solution is flawlessly practical, yet as a choice, you might intend to check into NoMachine NX or FreeNX. NoMachine NX is exclusive yet offers you 2 remote customer logins absolutely free. So if you simply intend to connect to your very own web server or something, this might be excellent. FreeNX, IIRC eliminates this constraint, yet might be a little tougher to start relying on your degree of experience with Linux. Both solutions proclaim a "near neighborhood speed" when made use of to connect from another location.

I think both strategies call for establishing an NX web server on the host equipment and afterwards running an NX Client on the customer equipment. Simply make certain you have the advantages to do that type of point prior to you dive in.

Directly I find NX to be much faster and also extra secure than making use of VNC, yet I do not have numbers to back that up. I simply intended to supply you a choice to VNC.

2022-06-07 15:12:16

Tim is remedy is focused on sharing the entire (remote) desktop computer and also I assume it uses far better to your inquiry.

If you would certainly such as to present picked applications on your desktop computer you can make use of SSH relied on X11 forwarding and also a neighborhood X web server .

You could require to set your DISPLAY variable to :0.0 otherwise currently set.

ssh -Y [email protected]

Enter your password for customer .

Start an application as an example:

gnome-terminal &

The incurable needs to present on your neighborhood screen. It can confirm valuable in many cases.

Keep in mind: given that the interaction experiences SSH, it is safe and secure. Additionally the X11 method can confirm ineffective in some usage instances (as an example surfing).

2022-06-07 15:12:12