Where does the output of `at` and `cron` jobs go?

Where does typical output from at and also cron jobs go, offered there is no screen to present to?

It is not showing up in the directory site the work were begun with, neither in my residence directory site.

Just how could I in fact figure this out considered that I do not recognize just how to debug or map a history work?

2022-06-07 14:39:34
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From the cron male web page:

When implementing commands, any kind of output is sent by mail to the proprietor of the crontab (or to the customer called in the MAILTO setting variable in the crontab, if such exists). The youngsters duplicates of cron running these procedures have their name persuaded to uppercase, as will certainly be seen in the syslog and also ps output.

So you need to examine your/root is mail, or the syslog (eg./ var/log/syslog).

2022-06-07 15:12:25