How to build a tool with specific libraries without breaking Fedora?

So much never ever required to differ the typical Fedora 16 core growth parts. I am requiring to construct clutter-mx project, yet this collection calls for artful - 2.0.32. In addition to this, artful - 2 requires libffi - 3.0.11.

I can download and install the source and also construct these libraries, nonetheless, I am worried that mounting them will certainly damage the remainder of the system.

The clutter-mx project makes use of autotools and also seeks the artful - 2 variation.

The inquiries are:

  1. If I construct and also install the new parts, and also something fails, can you come back making use of yum, or something comparable?

  2. Exists a means of obtaining autotools to search in an additional directory site for the mounted headers?

2022-06-07 14:39:48
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Sources seeking dependences using vehicle - devices have a documents (and/or, I'm not exactly sure on this set) in which those dependences are specified. A lot of the moment people/IDEs will certainly simply place their presently mounted variations of the collections as dependence yet do not in fact require them in a that current variation.

You can attempt to change the called for verions to your variations and also attempt to construct the plan.

You can not straight make the autotools search in some alternative course yet IIRC the autotools make use of pkg - config to establish plan - installment specifics (male pkg - config). You can inform pkg - config to search in various other directory sites by the evironmental variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH. Nonetheless, the pkg - config course just functions if you have the extra current collections in fact mounted someplace. Yet after that I think you can modify the *. computer documents to compel mess - mx statically link those collections.

If you install 2 variations of a collection and also occasionally make use of the one and also occasionally the various other you might face troubles. If you in fact change documents that were placed there by rpm your concerning screwed.

My suggestions is to change the builddependencies or if demand be established why the extra current variation of collection XY is called for and also change mess - mx resources to not call for that current variation and also collaborate with your existing variation. My second-rate suggestions is to get/build plans for your circulation of the requried collections and also install those. You actually actually should not burst out of the globe set up by your distro, i.e. plan supervisor. There profane dislodge there.: -)

2022-06-07 14:51:13

Don't attempt to install more recent Gtk/Gnome collections in a system directory site. They have inadequate in reverse compatibility, and also you take the chance of damaging existing programs.

Compile and also install new collections in a different directory site power structure. Run ./configure --help to see just how to define courses to collections and also include files when you compile a collection. As an example, if you see

            C compiler flags for PANGO, overriding pkg-config
PANGO_LIBS  linker flags for PANGO, overriding pkg-config

after that set the list below setting variables:

export PANGO_CFLAGS='-I /path/to/my/gnome/stuff/include'
export PANGO_LIBS='-L /path/to/my/gnome/stuff/libs'

Pass --prefix=/path/to/my/gnome/stuff to ./configure, to get every little thing mounted to your very own directory site.

Or, and also this will certainly be less complicated if you require to install a great deal of collections, restore every little thing consisting of with pkg-config. Install pkg-config under /path/to/my/gnome/stuff too, after that set

export PKG_CONFIG=/path/to/my/gnome/stuff/bin/pkg-config
2022-06-07 14:47:47