Installing Unity or Gnome 3 in Debian

I am making use of Debian 6. I would love to install any one of Unity or Gnome 3 desktop computer Environments.

2022-06-07 14:39:57
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Questions like this could easily start a flame war, so I'll be carful with my answers:

Resources: As the choice of which GUIs [Graphical User Interfaces] is used seemingly is widely based upon taste, performance seems to be less discussed: In my experience, whilst working on a Netbook, both Unity and GNOME3 use a lot of system resources [I made the same experience with KDE too]. As I am quite limited in this environment, I had to look for something lighter.

Pling?: Luckily, there is a huge field between those who laugh about a GUI other than a command line and something like GNOME3 or the Unity desktop. On this field, different takes on how a GUI should [not] work and what should [not] be included exist. And all of them are highly customizable in their own ways.

Choice: Linux leaves loads of choices to the users. On Linux Mint Debian Edition I switched from MATE [also an alternative to GNOME] to XFCE first and then to LXDE. Whithout any losses or trouble worth mentioning. Some applications need a certain GUIs to work properly as it seems to me, but then there is most likely an alternative to work you way around this issues.

My point? Try out, experiment, and always ask yourself: Do I need this|that?

My suggestion: Try a Live version of a Gnu/Linux OS with GNOME3 or Unity. Or XFCE. Or LXDE :)

2022-07-12 12:26:35

This is not most likely to ever before be conveniently offered.

Nonetheless, if you are significant concerning desiring Gnome 3 you might too make the dive to run Wheezy and also install it from speculative .

See Raphael Hertzog's article about Gnome 3 on Debian (with guidelines).

2022-06-07 15:11:29