centos primary/secondary nameserver setup

I would love to recognize just how to arrangement my (ve) web server to organize my internet site.

The (ve) web server will certainly have centos 5.5 mounted with a LAMP pile.

I am especially seeking a means to arrangement the domain/fqdn to aim my registrar (http://co.za/) to my web server IP. As an example: www.mydomain.co.za takes me to my internet site.

What do I require to install/configure to get the above up and also running?

2022-06-07 14:40:01
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It is a really standard inquiry. There are several howtos, specifically at wiki.centos.org.

Quickly, you require to set up called (or a few other nsd) and also to pass on a domain to your web server with nsd.

2022-06-07 15:12:46

You have a couple of alternatives for establishing DNS. I've detailed them in order beginning with the most convenient and also most usual remedy:

  1. Configure DNS via your Registrar:

    Unless you are attempting to install, set up, and also keep your very own DNS web servers, this is not an arrangement that you make on the web server. More than likely, you intend to create an A (ipv4) document on your registrars management panel that informs their Nameservers the IP of your web server. Registrars virtually globally give this solution.

  2. Set up DNS via your organizing carrier:

    As has actually been stated hosts such as Linode give DNS solutions. With these solutions you need to inform your registrar the nameservers for your host such as (ns1.linode.com). Ultimately, you will certainly need to configure your domain via your hosts user interface (internet, api, etc). (Im not exactly sure that MediaTemple gives this solution.)

  3. Host your very own DNS web servers (not advised):

    If you are absolutely attempting to organize your very own DNS web servers, you will certainly need to inform your registrar concerning your reliable nameservers for your domain and also pick a DNS web server such as BIND or MaraDNS to install on those hosts. This calls for far more job (and also some adhesive document magic as just how can ns1.example.com settle if it does not recognize that to inquire about example.com).

KEEP IN MIND : Your inquiry is obscure sufficient to recommend you do not recognize which alternative you require. So, pick one and also I will certainly enjoy to specify.

2022-06-07 15:12:23