Improving security of Mac OS X 10.6

I possess a 10.6 Macbook Pro with which I need to make use of a public IP (that does not transform) regularly. I'm additionally called for to idle at numerous IRC networks. As component of security, I make use of rather solid passwords, have my firewall program up and also I do normal updates. I make use of the Google Chrome browser (once more upgraded) for online surfing. I have documents sharing switched off.

  1. Exist anymore pointers you would certainly make to maintain my equipment extra safeguard?
  2. Exist any kind of means to identify if I have keyloggers mounted on my equipment?
  3. Any kind of anti - infections that you would certainly advise?
  4. I make use of colloquy to connect to IRC networks, exists any kind of means I could mask my public IP from individuals that quiz it?
2022-06-07 14:40:03
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Do not log right into a manager account on your Mac. Create a customer account with minimal advantages and also make use of that for IRC and also surfing. Transform Bluetooth off when not utilizing it, and also take into consideration not utilizing it in all in public.

2022-06-07 15:07:56
  1. Turn on FileVault, do not run dubious applications, do not make use of public networks way too much, etc I would certainly additionally recommend you look at Little Snitch or HandsOff. These are applications that identify all inbound and also outward bound network links and also permit you to obstruct them. Wonderful applications to see what procedures are connecting to what web servers, and also if you see anything dubious, you can refute the link.

  2. For Keyloggers I recommend you look at this website. It has some valuable referrals.

  3. I do not in fact advise any kind of anti-virus for mac. Macs are attractive infection - free: I would certainly claim you are virtually entirely secure if no person despises you, and also if someone does they aren't mosting likely to contaminate your computer system with an infection ; they'll try to hack you, so anti - infections appear rather pointless on Macs.

  4. Regarding I recognize, Colloquy needs to instantly mask your IP. I'm not entirely certain concerning this, and also I recommend you look at internet sites that speak about IRC security, such as this one. The last alternative, I would certainly claim, would certainly be to make use of a proxy.

Last, if you would certainly such as a full security overview to Mac OS most definitely look at this manual by Apple. It has virtually all the security alternatives you could run into on Mac OS X. It is fairly lengthy, yet a couple of phases (4, 5, 8, 9, etc) could confirm valuable to you.

Hope it aids!


2022-06-07 15:07:36