How to find a Fedora package providing a dependency I need?

I occasionally install software program which isn't existing in the databases, and afterwards I face the trouble of not completely satisfied dependences. The mistake generally informs me which collection or command is missing out on. After that I run a yum search. If there is a plan name accompanying the library/command name required, it is very easy.

The trouble comes when I can not find anything in yum. I start looking about on the internet, and also usually I find web links to the collection. Yet I do not recognize whether to rely on these websites, where to replicate the collection if I download it, what it is intended to do in all, and more. Usually it is intended to be for an additional circulation, or an additional Fedora variation, and afterwards I do not recognize whether they will certainly collaborate with mine. I believe that these libraries are possibly existing in some plan currently in the database, and also I would certainly a lot instead have them from there than from arbitrary Googled websites.

Just how can I figure out which package a collection comes from, if I have its name? As an example, currently I require the collection, just how do I get it? And also if it is not a collection, yet a command, just how do I find the plan which gives it?

2022-06-07 14:40:06
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Since libraries are "autoprovided" by rpmbuild:

yum whatprovides

If that causes absolutely nothing after that no plan in Fedora gives it and also you'll require to talk with whoever constructed the software program.

2022-06-07 15:09:29

If you intend to please the dependences after that you can search the application that you desire in the synaptic supervisor and afterwards examine it and also install it. Or if you such as to conserve your efficiency and also do it on command - line after that make use of:

sudo yum "package1" "dependency1" "dependency2" ...

Replace the message in quotes with the plan name or the dependence.

2022-06-07 14:53:14