How do you make a backup of save games and patches?

I'm obtaining a new motherboard which suggests I need to re-install my OS, just how would certainly I do that yet not need to remove my video games? Exists anyhow I can support the video games?

As an example, I do not intend to shed my conserve progression in Skyrim or need to download and install every one of the Battlefield spots once more.

2022-06-07 14:40:21
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Another choice is:

2022-06-09 11:56:27

The area of the conserve information was addressed here. Back that approximately an exterior tool and also your conserve information need to be excellent.

Skyrim places its conserves in the adhering to directory site in Windows Vista & Windows 7:

C:\Users\[UserName]\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Saves

Skyrim places conserves in the adhering to directory site in Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings[UserName]\My Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Saves

The BF3 installment information need to be carried out in the very same fashion. The EA discussion forums have a post concerning this.

  • Browse to your origin video games directory site
  • Copy the battefield 3 folder to your back-up area
  • Install Origin on the new computer
  • Copy the back-up back right into your Origin video games folder
  • Open Notepad and also duplicate paste the bellow message
  • Edit the proper course to the Origin Games folder, eg C: bkslshProgram FilesbkslshOrigin Gamesbkslsh (Remember to double backslash "bkslsh" as opposed to "bkslsh" for the course, in both "GDFBinary" and also "Install Dir" areas
  • Save the note pad doc as bf3.reg, select "All Files" under the decline food selection "Save as type"
  • Run the computer system registry documents and also include in computer system registry
  • Open Origin, it will certainly claim planning for a while till the process finishes examining the documents
  • Play video game

Here is the message which benefits my arrangement, my orgin video games folder is under C: bkslshGamesbkslshOrgin Games. Modify suitably for your arrangement, Enjoy

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEbkslshSOFTWAREbkslshWow6432NodebkslshEA GAMESbkslshBattlefield 3 ] "GDFBinary" = "C: bkslshgamesbkslshOrigin GamesbkslshBattlefield 3bkslshGDFBinary_en_US. dll" "GameExplorer" = " A62587A8 - 42EC - 4F3B - A42D - 206690BAE079 " "DisplayName" = "Battlefield 3™" "Locale" = "en_US" "Product GUID" = " 76285C16 - 411A - 488A - BCE3 - C83CB933D8CF " "Install Dir" = "C: bkslshgamesbkslshOrigin GamesbkslshBattlefield 3bkslsh"

2022-06-07 15:12:41

Consider making use of a device like GameSave Manager which can take a back & recover your conserve video games.

When it comes to spots, there is no other way to conserve them I think.

2022-06-07 15:12:39

Just usually, seek any kind of folders in "My Documents" that are called after the video game firm or the video game itself. If doubtful, copy/paste the entire materials of My Documents to a back-up drive.

After that on your fresh Windows installment (after you arrangement the vehicle drivers etc), re-install all the video games you intend to play. After that duplicate over all the files/folders you had actually conserved from "My Documents".

Simply realize that occasionally the video game is arrangement documents still remembers your last equipment, and also this might create some video game to not start up. If doubtful, keep an eye out for any kind of ".ini" or "config" documents in My Documents, and also delete them, this generally compel the video game to start on default setups. Those aren't the very same documents as your savegames either.

Yes, it is not 100% essential possibly to re-install video games. This is the simple english method.

Additionally, take into consideration NOT re-installing windows. With the last Windows manifestations it is actually not essential. You are not mosting likely to conserve up a great deal of room, thinking you currently care for defragmenting the drive, tidying up old documents and more.

Simply do this: prior to you transform your equipment, uninstall all the vehicle drivers that you can. Uninstall the graphics card vehicle drivers, audio vehicle drivers, and more. Primarily, you intend to uninstall any kind of equipment relevant software program that you especially mounted on your own. After that shut down the computer system, switch over the motherboard, and also start Windows once more. Truthfully if you acquired suitable equipment, it will certainly be identified instantly by Windows with no troubles. I recognize this as I have actually done this myself. Windows will merely identify a new CPU, new memory and more.

This will certainly conserve you hrs and also truthfully you will not conserve any kind of room, due to the fact that as quickly as you connect your new Windows install to internet it is mosting likely to re - download billions of.Net updates, solution packs, Windows Defender updates, and more.

PS: If you do maintain the Windows install (thinking you do not require to relocate your video games to a new harddrive), there is one gotcha: see to it that you connect the harddrive to your new motherboard in the very same solt as it was in the past. So seek activate the motherboard and also see to it your HDD continues to be in key placement. If you have a second harddrive with various other programs mounted on it, you additionally intend to see to it they are attached in the very same placement (master or servant). Or else what was your D: or E: drive could wind up as F: or G: (instances) and also this will properly damage your mounted programs. Simply see to it you connect your HDD and also Optical drives in the very same master/slave setups.

2022-06-07 15:12:36

Both Steam and also Origin for some video games you can store conserved video games in their Cloud solutions.

BF3 solitary gamer conserves can be conserved in Origin Cloud.

Skyrim on the various other hand however does not give Steam Cloud assistance. The video games which have this attribute made it possible for are noted so in the store with this symbol: ¢

2022-06-07 15:12:05