Will a pursuer that is locked on to you always kill you if you use a Smoke Bomb?

This has actually troubled me for some time currently.

Intend you are being adhered to by your pursuer in multiplayer and also you have the Smoke Bombs in your existing capacity set. Currently your pursuer pursues you Locked On yet you make use of a Smoke Bomb first to with any luck have the ability to respond to.

Will the pursuer constantly win and also get the kill? Or will their nose be fulfilling my knee when I Stun them?

2022-06-07 14:40:33
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Locks do not matter. If a pursuer strolls right into your smoke bomb, you'll have the ability to stun them, thinking you fast sufficient.

Some points to bear in mind however are that smoke bombs do not function today, there has to do with 1/3 of a 2nd in between dropping them and also seeing the result. So pursuers occasionally show up to eliminate you throughout the smoke. (You need to occasionally see a message concerning this after you pass away, if it is taking place consistently.)

As well as additionally, a pursuer can stand beside a smoke bomb and also eliminate a target within the smoke if the target is close sufficient. To counter this, stand right between, or maintain the smoke in between you and also your pursuer till they start coughing. Most individuals capture the side when attempting to get round a smoke bomb. The result appears to be a little bigger than it shows up on the screen.

Last but not least, take a little go back after going down a smoke bomb at your feet. The smoke does not constantly show up around you, occasionally your personality drops it sideways and also winds up only simply standing in the smoke. Or various other times rashness obtains the most effective of individuals and also they attempt to run onward for the stun right after going down the smoke, just to bump right right into an uneffected pursuer is blade. Taking a tiny action far from your pursuer/target in this scenario oftens urges them ahead onward, right into your smoke, or out of their very own, probably.

2022-06-07 19:25:23