Is there any optimal number of trees to spread skill points?

I began the video game as a stealthy archer, assuming that I can just "choose" 2 - 3 ability trees to buy.

Presently I have high ability in Archery, Sneaking, Conjuration, Illusion, Smithing, Enchanting, and also Alchemy.

Exists any kind of formula or, optimum variety of various trees i should spread my factors, considered that i have just 80 to invest?

2022-06-07 14:40:35
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Not all rewards in a tree deserves financial investment. As an example, with a little of time and also seeking out an active ingredients table online, you can resemble the advantages of the 3 experimenter rewards under alchemy.

My general rule for all the personalities I've made until now is not to go for completion objective of 80 rewards, yet attempt to 'finish' the construct at around 50 rewards, and afterwards make use of the various other 30 for extra padding for intriguing looking rewards and also abilities.

Below is just how I simplify, utilizing my stealthy archer assassin as an instance:

  • 1 key tree for fight: I determined to select archery below to make my bows harmful, grabbing every perk other than Hunter is Discipline, Steady Hand and also Ranger - 12 rewards
  • 1 second tree for fight (do not require to max this set out): I selected one handed, yet is just going to get the 5+damages rewards as its primarily to enhance my defamation damages with my blade. - 5 rewards
  • 1 protective tree (light, hefty, or change): I selected light shield, yet just for the+shield ranking and also 10% evade rewards - 8 rewards
  • 2 - 3 energy (none crafting trees):
    • Sneak - 4 rewards to reach the 15x blade backstab
    • Illusion - 4 rewards to reach silent spreading, 3 to reach experienced impression for invisibility
    • Pick pocket - 4 rewards complete to reach added pockets and also poisoner
  • 2 - 3 crafting trees
    • Alchemy - 7 rewards for sorcerer, physicist, and also benefactor to permit me to make max performance remedies (yet not poisonous substances)
    • Enchanting - 8 rewards to max out results and also to reach added results
    • Smithing - 2 rewards simply for mysterious blacksmith. I intend to put on just natural leather shield and also usage steel blades (mehrune is razor, which I intend to make use of is a steel blade)

Total rewards: 54

I will certainly have maximum crafting performance using alchemy+charming responses loop, which permits me to craft a set of natural leather shield with maximum shield ranking and also a steel blade that can conveniently 1 shot anything in a sneak strike. Additionally, the nightingale bow (which I intend to make use of) does not call for the ebony smithing perk, which is a wonderful incentive.

If you intend to make use of a various bow, invest 3 - 4 even more rewards right into smithing, yet you'll be done by degree 60 as opposed to degree 80, which is a lot easier to do.

After that, the filler rewards will certainly go in the direction of point such as magika regrowth (reconstruction tree), spell resistance (change), etc.

2022-06-07 15:12:53

Archery, Sneaking, Conjuration, One Handed, Light Armor, Ilusion, Alchemy, Enchanting and also Smithing

  • Archery has 16 perk factors
  • Sneak has 13 perk factors
  • Conjuration has 16 perk factors
  • One Handed has 21 perk factors
  • Light Armor has 10 perk factors
  • Illusion has 13 perk factors
  • Alchemy has 15 perk factors
  • Enchanting has 13 perk factors
  • Smithing has 10 rewards

Total of 117 perk factors.

You can not take every perk in those trees.

Until now, I've taken rewards as I've leveled to sustain what I intend to do next. It is benefited me. If you intend to think of a construct, I advise thinking of what rewards you desire by degree 20, 40 and also 50. If you intend to go with greater degrees than that, you'll intend to level all 18 abilities. This can be fairly hard for sure abilities without at the very least some perk financial investment.

I would certainly such as to attract your focus to the origin of the tool and also shield trees. These can approve approximately 5 perk factors and also are strong selections.

2022-06-07 15:12:52

Personally I've bought the abilities I intend to if you intend to reach lvl 81 (limit), you require to reach 100 in every ability.

When it come to spreading on your own out, I assume the only threat is leveling way too much on non fight abilities (alchemy, charming, smithing etc), as the crowds you'll be encountering will generally scale to your degree and also if you do not have great fight abilities you could get ravaged rather promptly

2022-06-07 15:09:04