Can't boot from Fedora PreUpgrade image

I have actually been gladly making use of, for numerous months, Fedora 12 on a PC with a collapsed Windows XP3 as the various other os, and also have actually simply made use of preupgrade to download Fedora 16, which currently looks like the 2nd access in my /boot/grub/menu.lst documents.

Starting with this as the default access simply hangs up the equipment. So, my inquiry is: what do I do currently to finish the upgrade?

I have actually looked the Internet and also located a great deal of pertinent access, yet they are all either lengthy out - of - day, or simply also complex.

2022-06-07 14:40:46
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The preupgrade point in Fedora functions just for around 2 disttribution actions, and also it most definitely had not been readily available for Fedora 12. Your best choice is to install from square one, your system is possibly really screwed up now.

2022-07-08 04:27:01