How do you force Steam to use a different account for each Windows user account on the same machine?

I simply constructed a PC due to the fact that my boy intends to play PC video games. I mounted Windows 7, and also developed 2 customer accounts, one for each and every people. Within my Windows customer account I mounted Steam, and also downloaded and install some video games from my brochure.

I was anticipating that when the various other Windows customer account was visited, it would certainly see the Steam application, yet would certainly be called for to visit once more, hence permitting my boy to utilize his very own account. Yet when he visited, Steam had actually preserved my account information and also was still visited as me.

I do not intend to share video games. Actually I desire the contrary, as I do not desire my 12 years of age to have accessibility to 18 certification video games etc, as well as additionally I intend to maintain my achievements and also close friends checklists to be simply my very own.

Just how can I inform Steam to make use of a various Steam account when logged right into a various Windows account?

2022-06-07 14:40:50
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You can uninstall every one of steam and also re-install it in a folder different after that the various other customers account which functions

2022-07-20 13:41:13

I had the very same concern, and also while there are some excellent remedies below, none were fairly appropriate for me. I intended to conserve my password for offline setting alternatives, I really did not such as the suggestion of relying upon the Steam faster way to do the job (they could release Steam an additional means, like at start-up), and also I additionally really did not intend to have numerous duplicates of Steam (because that wastes a great deal of room).

Below is what benefit me:

  1. Open the Steam directory site, after that the config subdirectory. Type by day changed
  2. For each Steam account:
    1. Sign right into Steam, conserving the login information
    2. Quit Steam
    3. Copy SteamAppData.vdf to SteamAppData _ username . vdf (where username is the Windows customer name you'll make use of for that Steam account)
  3. Create a new message documents in the Steam directory site (not the config subdirectory) called ChangeLoginPerUser.cmd with the adhering to contents:

    @echo on
    move config\SteamAppData.vdf config\SteamAppData_backup.vdf
    copy "config\SteamAppData_%USERNAME%.vdf" config\SteamAppData.vdf
  4. Add a faster way to this manuscript in the All Users Startup folder. This is where to place it:
    1. Press Win+R
    2. The Run dialog turns up
    3. Enter this: shell:common startup

This suggests whenever a customer browse through to Windows, it will certainly relocate the old conserved login off the beaten track (simply in instance an unforeseen customer account visit) and afterwards replicate your account is conserved login as the existing one in the directory site.

If your various other customer accounts are not managers, you might require to set the approvals of SteamAppData.vdf and also the SteamAppData _ username . vdf documents to be complete control by any person. On my system, all 3 of the accounts are managers, so I really did not need to do this.

2022-07-11 01:10:46

I took care of to have it similar to this:

When steam mounts, it asks you "install for every single user" or comparable. Install just for you. And also maintain the mounted information in your account. When your account is password shielded, nothing else customer with the exception of admin need to have accessibility to your orders or account.

After that install steam once more on your children account. Once more password shield it. Once more click install just for this customer. Once more store all information in the customers orders.

This is just how I took care of to divide mine and also my bros steam accounts. Oh and also I additionally unmarked "automatically log in" yet allow "save password / bear in mind me" merely push visit and also you are excellent to go.

Hope this will certainly word for you also.

2022-06-07 16:38:12

It does not feel like Steam was actually made with this usage instance in mind. (There is no such point as Steam Parental Controls, as an example, although both my Xbox 360 and also my Wii have adult controls, if I bear in mind appropriately.) I've located numerous strings where individuals were having comparable concerns with their children.

One pointer was to transform the faster way to Steam to make sure that it provides a username and also password from the command line, like so:

- login %u %p - This logs right into Steam with the defined Username and also Password mix. Change %u with the username, and also %p with the password you intend to login with (Steam has to be off for this to function.)

Nonetheless, this feels like maybe functioned about, specifically if you often tend to neglect to log out of steam when you lock your computer system. The account qualifications could still be cached, and afterwards you would certainly wind up offering your child accessibility to your video games without your expertise. That is simply one feasible strike vector, there might be several others, as well as saving your passwords in this fashion is unbelievably troubled.

There is additionally all type of "free" video games that are possibly unacceptable for youngsters, yet which can be downloaded and install right into any kind of Steam account. Group Fortress 2 has a fair bit of physical violence (not all of it charming and also snuggly) and also negative language, to name a few points. It is sort of an individual parenting choice regarding what you take into consideration to be "off limits" - yet there are free ranked - M video games on Steam, and also TF2 is just one of them.

I located this thread over at Gamers With Jobs to be lighting. They recommended limiting the access rights to particular applications and/or other files (terrible video games consisted of) making use of the Group Policy Editor and also submit approvals setups in Windows 7. This would certainly make certain that your youngster is Windows account can not access the video games concerned, also if your Steam account was effectively visited and also accredited.

An additional point that was raised because string that I assume demands to be claimed is this:

Whatever obstacles you place in his means, are simply problems in between him and also the reward, and also the even more you place obstacles in his means the extra he will certainly uncover means around them. You are educating him just how to hack in one of the most reliable means feasible.

They go better to recommend that along with shielding the web content, you need to additionally understand that children with not being watched accessibility to computer systems will certainly identify a means around any kind of degree of defense - no matter just how fail-safe, offered adequate time. (I was a living instance of this as a youngster, sorry Mom & Dad!) You could take into consideration placing the equipment someplace public along with these protection actions, to make sure that it is more probable that their computer system time will certainly be extra very closely managed.

Do not consider this equally as a technological trouble that requires a technological remedy ; it is an intricate psychology trouble with a technological indication.

2022-06-07 15:11:51

Because of the manner in which steam does points it is unable to have numerous vehicle check in arrangements per installment. You'll need to consider hoax:

  • Disable account credential conserving in the setups dialog
  • Create a faster way for Steam on each windows account, modify the buildings and also offer it these launch alternatives -login %u %p. This logs right into Steam with the defined Username and also Password mix. Change %u with the username, and also %p with the password you intend to login with (Steam has to be off for this to function)


If you still desire Steam to instantly start-up, while visiting to the ideal account, disable automated start-up within Steam and also position the faster ways in the Start food selection → Programs → Startup folders of each windows account.

2022-06-07 15:09:18