How do I kill someone with the repair tool?

I obtained the Back to Karkland map pack, and also it included new "Assignments, " which resemble little pursuits you can do to unlock weapons.

For the designer assignment, among the jobs is to eliminate a person with the fixing device do any one of you have any kind of suggestions for dealing with this? I'm under the impact the fixing device does virtually no damages (though I can be incorrect).

2022-06-07 14:40:55
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I actually got lucky in my plan on it. I just played Team Death Match on Noshahr Canals. The smaller team death match maps pack people together closer, and the creates on this map allow you too move, but also people will stop and either hide, wait for their health to go back up, or camp in them. Found a guy just standing still in a create and flamed him....

2022-07-16 15:02:19

It takes a couple of secs, throughout which you are reasonably at risk, so creeping up on a person (specifically a sniper that isn't listening) makes this substantially less complicated. You might intend to attempt to creep behind firing line to make sure that you can capture individuals with their back to you. Below is a video clip of an individual doing simply that:

2022-06-07 16:37:09