Why does my MacBook's monitor go to maximum brightness when waking up from sleep?

I have my MacBook attached to an exterior display (using HDMI), and also the illumination of MacBook display is readied to 50% of max illumination. I generally place my display to rest when I leave my computer system for a break, and also everytime I wake it up, the MacBook display will certainly be readied to maximum once more.

Any kind of suggestion just how do I repair it to make sure that when I awaken the display, I do not require to readjust the screen illumination down once more?

I am running Lion on a very early 2009 MacBook.

2022-06-07 14:40:57
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Answers: 1

Try to reset the System Management Controller.

Resetting the SMC on Mac portables with a battery you can remove

  1. Shut down the computer system
  2. Disconnect the MagSafe power adapter from the computer system, if it is attached
  3. Remove the battery
  4. Press and also hold the power switch for 5 secs
  5. Release the power switch
  6. Reconnect the battery and also MagSafe power adapter
  7. Press the power switch to activate the computer system
2022-06-07 15:09:20