Can I force 'Quick Save' to use a new file each time?

Console manuscripts, mods, or voodoo serves as a solution.

2022-06-07 14:40:58
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The quicksave capability in the video game engine actually isn't matched to making numerous conserves, for a variety of factors concerning filling optimizations and also pests connected to that. Attempting to make numerous real quicksaves is a dish for savegame corruption and also collisions.

What you desire is a "full" save, that makes a new save each time instantly, with the one - switch convenience of a quicksave. All you require is a means to cause a complete save with a switch, and also you've obtained a reliable "quick save" switch that removes the one - save - just and also pests of the video game is constructed - in fast conserve.

There are a variety of means to do this. The most convenient is to install a mod that makes use of SKSE to cause the conserve command, such as Save Hot Key ArchMod. Any one of a variety of mods need to do however, to make sure that is simply one to get you began. If you intend to search, look the Skyrim Nexus for hot key or hotkey and also seek the mods that supply save - switch capability.

2022-07-16 12:55:03

First, back up your conserve video games and afterwards you can attempt making use of AutoHotKey to create quicksave back-ups. The means I've set up AHK, it needs to reject to overwrite documents, yet I would not trust your only duplicate of your Skyrim conserves to this, as it is untried. Once more, I give no service warranty, usage at your very own threat.

Attempt the adhering to, making use of AutoHotKey:

OldQuickSave := "C:\myquicksave.sav"
FileGetTime, qstime, %OldQuickSave%
BackupFileName := "C:\backup saves\myquicksave_" . qstime . ".sav"
FileCopy, %OldQuickSave%, %BackupFileName%
SendPlay {F5}

Edit the courses as required for the area of the quicksave documents and also where you desire the back-ups to go. If you place the "BackupFileName" area as the conserve directory site, after that it will possibly turn up in your checklist of conserved video games, and also they'll be called with the date/time you quicksaved formerly.

As soon as you've modified it to your taste, you'll need to place this in a documents with the expansion ".ahk" and also double click.

I do not have Skyrim, so I can not examine this out directly. With any luck it at the very least factors you in the appropriate instructions.

2022-06-07 16:36:24