cclive: what kind of regexes are allowed?

Is there an area where I can look, what sort of regexes I can make use of with the --tr alternative from cclive?

2022-06-07 14:41:09
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(Disclaimer: this solution is based upon Internet study without hands - on experience with the program.)

CCLive sustains the --tr alternative since version 0.7.6. Till after that the --regexp alternative can be made use of:

0.7.6  Mon Sep 12 2011  Toni Gundogdu
    - Add --tr (depr. --regexp, --subst)
    - Add --prefer-format
    - Revise manual

Looking at the man page, the --tr alternative states:

Default is "/(\w|\s)/g".

Given that the regexp matching code is based on libpcre, I assume the standard Perl Regular Expressions are permitted.

The source code that executes regular expression matching is additionally readily available to surf. I can not actually place all points with each other, yet that could be the area for any kind of unique alternatives made use of for pcre.

2022-06-07 15:11:38