How do I get the Good Work, Woody achievement?

It claims to face the lower barrier 3 times in a row. I attempted facing the most affordable zapper I viewed as quickly as feasible 3 times in a row which really did not do it. I attempted allowing projectiles strike me as I was strolling which really did not do it.

Just how do I get this success? Am I simply missing out on something actually straightforward?

2022-06-07 14:41:09
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Answers: 2

Run right into the lower zapper, after that play once more. Repeat it 3 even more times after that congrats. Great, Woody.

2022-06-28 23:02:14

You need to pass away 3 time by facing a reduced zapper barrier without ever before flying.¢ Just start a video game and also do not push anything (see to it you do not have a head start), the majority of opportunities the first barrier you would certainly strike will certainly be a zapper (projectiles do not show up that very early), do that 3 times and also the success is your own.

2022-06-07 15:14:00