How do I stop Gameranger from killing the game process?

I make use of Gameranger to play on-line video games like Age Of Empires 3. The trouble that I'm encountering is that when a trouble in my link takes place like a short-term interference (much less than 10 secs), Gameranger eliminates the video game procedure. I do not recognize why it does that. Within that 10 secs the video game would generally reconnect instantly and also I can proceed playing, yet Gameranger does not care that and also it eliminates the procedure.

Just how can I stop it from doing that?

2022-06-07 14:41:11
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Since Gameranger is creating you concerns, your best choice is to speak to Gameranger assistance at this link. It appears this is the desired actions of the application, so your only choice is to call them straight if you are miserable with it.

2022-06-07 15:11:40