How to counter Anti-Mage late game?

We simply shed 2 times in a row as a result of an unstoppable Anti - Mage in the various other group.

Both video games were long (50 - 70 mins) and also despite the fact that we took notice of not feed him or his group neither allow him ranch way too much, in late video game he pwned our group at each group battle: Manta Style+Skull Basher+an additional speed/damage thing = gg

Which counter - choice antagonizes Anti - Mage? Just how can an Anti - Mage be responded to in video game, and also which things functions properly versus him late - video game?

2022-06-07 14:41:13
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If you are looking for countering/disabling Antimage (AM) with a particular hero, then I would suggest Bane.

Bane is simply the most underrated support hero, ever!

His skills against AM:

  1. Enfeeble: Reduces over 100 damage. This is a boon early to mid-game. Can't count on this for the late game.
  2. Brain Sap: Not that great against AM. It does decent magic damage, but lets just ignore this because Bane being a support, you wont have too much mana to spam.
  3. Nightmare: If AM blinks in to target some hero (without Black King Bar (BKB)), nightmare can be used to set up a counter gank or help the hero escape. This does some damage, almost negligible.
  4. Fiend's Grip: The reason why Bane is picked! This ability just locks down one target for 5 seconds dealing impressive damage. It goes through BKB, so that helps with late game AM as well. However, identifying the right AM (from his manta illusions is the tough part). This skill helps a ton against almost any late game carry.

Since Bane provides immense lock down, any sane opponent will target him first, either by killing or silencing him. Silence is Bane's bane. Try Bane out, he is an amazing hero for a hard core support who has extreme late game importance.

2022-07-25 18:40:38

There is one response to Anit - mage. If he blinks, you blink also. If he blinks two times, you refresher orb your blink blade and also blink two times. If he blinks even more than that, simply be Queen of Pain so you can blink at the very same price as Anti - mage. There is another alternative, nonetheless, which is to select Anti - mage first and also look at the power to troll any person and also anything and also blink your means to an unparalleled triumph.

2022-07-25 15:00:07

Most of your strategies described over have no opportunity versus an anti - mage.

Primarily, damaging the lug is the most effective means to respond to any kind of late - video game hero.

The counter to the anti - mage (imo):

  1. Bloodseeker, his capacities Rupture and also Anti protect against Blink
  2. Naga. If the adversary group does not have AoE spells, after that she is ideal counter to the anti - mage
  3. Eradar, he obtains 2 mp burning Predators and also bargains x2 burning damages to mana. Late - video game nonetheless, he is entirely pointless

In clubs, quiting heroes are actually tough.

2022-06-10 15:11:54

there are a pair approaches vs antimage.

The first one, is refute his farm/gank him so he can not get extremely solid ; because, as you have actually claimed, with manta and also basher he is virtually imba. To manage him, there are a couple of heroes that are usefull. To lane vs him, solid bug is rarely recomended, so if you wan na lug I advise you Viper. For an antimage, viper is unrestrainable beforehand, due to the fact that his damages and also array transcend, Viper damages is tough to respond to given that its fifty percent physical, half enchanting. A various other hero that you intend to have in your group is furion (prophet in DotA2) as he can teleport to the lane AM is farming and also compel him to return, along with gank him early on.Tinker additionally can make the bargain for the very same factor as furi. Powerfull disablers such as scourge, rhasta or lion are solid vs him as they can make him pointless for a great deal of time. Doom Bringer is additionally an alternative, yet at late, he is not as solid as AM is, and also you will certainly shed vs him.

The various other one, is beat him in farm/kills, and also eliminate him. In public video games, there are some heroes that can manage antimage easyly. They are usually called pubstompers, due to the fact that his capability is really powefull vs topsy-turvy groups. Allows have a look at them:

Balanar, the Nightstalker: My favorite one. In dota2 i have 48W - 2L with him. His opening night is imba. His 2nd one, if u get the appropriate construct, is gg. First off, the video game shuldnt take the factor of AM having complete construct. Second, you can eliminate him the entire video game during the night, refuting a great deal of ranch. In the beginning evening, 1 degree of silence need to suffice to eliminate him with a little aid. At 2nd evening no one can 1on1 you ; and also you can see him prior to he sees you beacause u can see 1000 devices futher. Also if the video game mosts likely to the 40 - 50 minutes mark, 40% miss out on opportunity and also silence for 9 secs is really usefull vs him. Actually powerfull vs am.

Huskar, the spiritual warrior. If u go HotD/Satanic, BKB, basher - - > he is dead. the largest trouble is till you get basher, you require aid so he angled blink out, yet you just require a number of secs to close him down. At late, you will certainly eliminate him 70% of the moments or he will certainly require to run, due to the fact that he angled stun you with bkb, and also he cant endure 6 secs before you. Additionally, obtaining very early kill with huskar is less complicated, so you can outfarm him beforehand.

Ulsaaf, the Ursa warrior: In public, roshan is not warded beforehand in 80% of the video games, so you can do it a great deal of times from degree 7 on. as soon as you have Vladimirs, blink and also basher, he angled endure a combination, and also the response time of ordinary gamers is inadequate compared to the moment you require to get a stun. Additionally you can attempt Lothars/shadow blade and also gank he a whole lot. If you have a little bit extra ranch than him, you'll outdamage him without a doubt. You can defeat him in all phases of the video game if you farm/get eliminates usually.

Gap: He is harder lug. It suggests he will certainly defeat you (without aid) till actually late video game, when your abilities transcend. 5 secs disble, multi - stun, and also thar busted evade will certainly make the diference. If you have fun with a close friend, you can attempt to have fun with Jakiro, that actually boosts your mid video game, so you can outfarm him.

If you are a tough farmer, sorcerer can outfarm him easily, and also 4 secs stuned is regularly you require to eliminate an antimage w best and also orochid.

As everyone has actually claimed, hex and also orochid functions actually well. For sure heroes blink so you can follow him is necessary to.

ultimately, I advise you Balanar and also Ursa. They are imba in public video games.

Hope it aids you.

2022-06-08 04:38:38

Get Tinker in your group, as soon as he has actually farmed Scythe he can permasheep Anti - mage as a result of his ulti. Obtaining Scythe on Tinker isn't also tough given that you will possibly get Boots of Travel and also simply ranch.

This is a great means to close anti - mage down in mid and also late video game. Additionally Tinker has his Lazer capacity which I assume experiences Black King Bar (BKB). This deals concerning 325 damages and also makes him miss out on every strike throughout the adhering to 3 secs!

2022-06-08 03:34:23

The make-up of your group is the first line of protection versus Anti - Mage. Having an excellent core of gank - entrusted heroes (3 npls) and also preferably, no greater than 1 tough lug. With Anti - Mage, like most of the late - video game lugs (Spectre, Void, Antimage), your video game should not infatuate on countering him late video game, yet rather ask what counters Anti - Mage ?

Wards, Ganks, and also Pressure

You require to shut down these tough late - video game lugs early. Also permitting the conclusion of a solitary core thing nonstop is a negative indicator. Where you detailed 3 high tiered things, the energy for Anti - Mage was most likely way out of your control to control late video game.

So you are aiming to gank him regularly. Keep in mind that if the adversary group has greater than one late - video game lug this comes to be harder for both groups, where your group will certainly require to maintain both late - video game heroes in check and also from the adversary group is side they require to [1 ] not pass away, and also [2 ] delay you out. So practically, you require to do the contrary, gank them even more usually than you would certainly take into consideration essential and also lower towers.

While "kill them and also push towers" is a little bit also straightforward - minded of a strategy, the core of the concern is specified.

The trouble is that in implementation, as is generally the instance specifically on arbitrarily constructed groups, few gamers take the chance of leaving their lane, leaving their possible ranch - able gold, and also shedding experience roaming from one lane to an additional.

Yet what is necessary below is to reframe the concern, once more, which is a effective gank does not constantly require to cause a kill. Pressing Anti - Mage out of the lane to hug the tower, refute his gold/experience gain, go back to base to recover, or perhaps simply included stress that you individuals are coming for him accumulates for a result in your support. Recognizing that 'yes he has blink' and also 'no you possibly will not eliminate him' you are largely concentrated on interrupting his procurement of gold and also experience.

Laning versus Anti - Mage need to entail 2 heroes that can stun or disable, recognize when selecting a schedule versus Void, Anti - Mage, or perhaps Spectre, their retreat devices (blink, timewalk, blade) are mosting likely to permit them to avoid the majority of gank efforts. Recognizing this, a gank would preferably entail a 3rd hero circling around right into the lane to stun/disable first (unanticipated) and afterwards adhering to up with the 2nd and also 3rd from the heroes currently in the lane piling the disable period for a kill and also to stop the blink out.

Tri - Laning (3 heroes in your lane versus Anti - Mage from the beginning) - is a suitable alternative too, all 3 heroes require to have a stun, disable, or a suitable slow-moving ability for this to be ideal. You are aiming to push tough on the adversary heroes and also push via their towers when they stick around back. The basic suggestion being hefty stress and also lowering towers very early and also hindering of the common development a lug demands to farm/level.


Lion - a superb ganking hero very early video game (also prior to degree 6), leveling hex and also stun, combining Lion with any kind of various other hero (or 2 heroes!) is a very easy mix for very early harassment. Lion needs to additionally be aiming to include a blink dagger right into his construct earlier than later on, to promptly get the decline for ganks (couple of individuals loaf as Lion costs at you) as well as additionally in order to stay on par with Anti - Mage when feasible.

Blink in, hex, wait, wait, stun, wait delay. This is a long period of time to be impaired. You can blink to go after too, yet the key below is to enter his face prior to he understands stuns are inbound so preferably you are blinking in and also disabling prior to he can blink out.

(Rhasta can possibly be an alternative, though much less advised as his 2nd disable, Shackles, needs him to be unprotected as well as additionally debilitated for the size of the disable, making it much less trusted to get the complete period of irons time)

Spectre - if you are seeking a late video game lug that will certainly take on Anti - Mage when a video game has actually gone 50 - 60+mins. The trouble below is that you are relying upon a variety of various other variables: [1 ] that you can out - ranch anti - mage, [2 ] the adversary group permits you to reach late video game without way too much gank disturbance, [3 ] the adversary group does not push via to your barracks prior to your core things are farmed.

Outworld Devourer is the Anti - Anti - Mage. Anti - Mage. In technique AM is abilities have superb harmony with each various other. Draining pipes mana till he can ulti you. Yet OD has significance mood. AM is ulti is primarily pointless currently. Additionally his resistance to magic is really deceptive in the direction of OD. Although it is practically magic based it is pure damages suggesting it experiences all resistances. Just magic resistance can close OD down, yet constructing a bkb isn't something an AM intends to do. And also when it comes to his blinking bullshit do not stress as Scythe of Vise is a really really usual thing on OD. And also if evasion from a butterfly is maintaining you down a hex plus the pure damages will undoubtedly bring him reduced. After that afterwards simply imprison him and also complete him off with Sanitys Eclipse.


Scythe of Vyse - absolutely nothing also shocking on this referral, with any luck. Later on in the video game you are seeking a lamb - stick on 1 or 2 heroes to aid with a couple of even more Hex casts as Anti - Mage comes to be harder to eliminate outright.

Various other things - most various other things are mosting likely to concentrate on dealing damages, due to the fact that while mass disables are excellent, you still require your carry/semi - reaches start removing his HP (not always with nukes).

2022-06-07 16:37:41

The most reliable counterpicks are not in the video game yet. With typical lugs you can merely get a great deal of nuke damages and also concentrate them down promptly, yet this clearly does not function too versus Anti - Mage given that he has a natural magic resistance capacity.

The counter after that is to make use of disables with correct control to gank him efficiently. Things like Orchid Malevolence and also Scythe of Vice are without a doubt one of the most vital as they offer you downtime him promptly. In teamfights, things like Eul is Scepter or Ghost Scepter can additionally be extremely vital due to the fact that you can compel Magebane, a melee hero, to pick a new target or lose time.

Apart from that, attempt to select heroes that have stuns, grasps, or silences as opposed to heroes with reduces: Anti - Mage is blink is a really effective retreat device. Any kind of hero with a silence and also physical damages is additionally an excellent selection, the freshly ported Krobelus is a wonderful instance (although you need to take care concerning investing your mana). In the future, seek ports of Obsidian Destroyer, Tuskarr, and also others to manage him properly.

2022-06-07 15:49:52

Personally, I assume the most effective approach is to push adversary towers beforehand. Anti - mage wont have the ability to do high as lengthy as you maintain the stress on the remainder of the group and also without tower defense, he will not have the ability to ranch along with he should. Maintaining the stress on in this manner aids a whole lot. If you select this, after that warding/ganking the forest regularly is a must, or he will certainly simply ranch of neutral creeps.

For specific choices, I would certainly claim go with heroes that disable him or stop him from blinking out from ganks. Evening Stalker is rather impressive at this with his silence and also rate, and also functions quite possibly ganking AM (or most heroes) in the very early video game. Ruin functions too with his best to stop AM from blinking away as well as additionally disables the easy mana melt from AM. Lycan is an impressive counter to AM due to the fact that he comes to a head earlier, high activity rate and also great pusher and also much less reliant on mana. If you are intending on selecting a tough lug for your group, I would certainly claim Faceless Void and also Spectre function well versus him. Beastmaster is additionally excellent with his 4 2nd stun best. Lion is a suitable choice, yet high-risk. Clearly selecting all the heroes stated below in a solitary video game is a really negative, so you will certainly require to select others to respond to AM is group.

When it comes to things, get Guinsoo is Scythe of Vyse for the disable (by your semi - carry/aggressive assistance). If your group has the ability to efficiently disable AM for a large component of a group battle, your tough lug need to have the ability to complete him off and also still need to time continuing to be to care for the remainder of the group. An additional means is to remove AM is assistance leaving him pointless (like virtually any kind of tough lug) yet this is high-risk and also hinges on the make-up of the remainder of the adversary group. You can wind up offering AM a group kill.

I make certain Dota experts can think of much more counters to AM, or any kind of hero for that issue, yet this is an area to start.

EDIT: Just intend to mention that I am not in the Dota 2 beta (though seriously attempting to enter) and also a lot of this details is from my time with Dota 1 which need to still use below.

2022-06-07 14:55:58