How to utilize extended attributes for image preview?

Is there any kind of documents internet browsers for Linux that cache photo sneak peeks, similar to Windows Explorer cache them to a documents called Thumbs.db?

As in the most up to date ext3/4 filesystems, an inode can hold extensive features, is it utilizied by any kind of documents internet browser? Well, the default 256B inode dimension might be also tiny to hold the sneak peek, I can reformat it to get a larger inode.

I'll be really grateful to listen to excellent information, due to the fact that to rejuvenate the sneak peeks for huge images and also video clip files are really slow-moving in Nautilus, and also sounds from the harddisks.

2022-06-07 14:41:13
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Nautilus usages ~/.thumbnails generally. Great deals of photo visitors do create thumbs there too. In the normal below - dir of my system a lot of the sneak peek files have to do with 20 KiB in dimension. It is kinda troubling that there are no either sqlite data source in file or cache power structure (like f/ff/ffdcd558a…1e5200.png) so some FSes can have inadequate efficiency seeking out a documents inside disordered directory site, however, yet on the various other hand, simple documents storage space is means less complex to take care of inside number of various customer programms, no required requiring sqlite to be mounted and also most up - to - day FSes should not have problems with such simple files format.

Troubles with xattr appear like sqlite is ones bdsh added intricacy, constraints of FS assistance (according to wikipedia just ReiserFS and also XFS take care of approximate dimensions, and also EXT3,4 are restricted to one block just which would certainly suggest 4 KiB primarily).

2022-06-07 15:09:31