If I don't choose to prestige, can I still gain experience?

After getting to degree 80 and also gaining adequate XP to stature (81?), what takes place if I picked not to stature? Do I remain to acquire or gather XP (that can be seen when I at some point stature) or am I stationary at limit XP cap for the first set of rankings? I recognize that weapons will certainly remain to degree which I can unlock titles and also such, which is partially why I'm resisting progressing, I am close to ending up an obstacle on the MK14 and also do not intend to shed my progression.

2022-06-07 14:41:15
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No, you do not obtain added XP, and also any kind of XP you obtain over the quantity required to reach "prestige rank" or degree 81, is shed. You can obtain tool XP, yet recognize that your tool XP will entirely reset every single time you stature, also if you pick to unlock that tool using a stature token.

If you are close to ending up a large obstacle, you could resist on stature setting, yet all you'll be doing if you wait and also end up is opening a new title and/or symbol at ideal. You can usually inform if an obstacle will certainly unlock a title or symbol by considering the ideal obstacle in the Barracks. Obstacles that will certainly unlock new titles or symbols at the next degree have a tiny title or symbol symbol with a "lock" over it. The various other incentives from obstacles (usually simply XP) will certainly not rollover to your new stature.

Symbols and also titles are actually the only points that rollover from stature to stature. The majority of obstacles will certainly additionally reset, and also you can do them once more, yet you will not unlock anything new. Notification additionally that there is an unique set of challenges/emblems that can just be opened after the very first time you stature. Several of these are "lifetime" obstacles that do not reset on added statures.

2022-06-07 15:12:36