How do multipliers work in Temple Run?

In Temple Run, after the run, you see your existing multiplier. Accumulating purposes additionally offers you multipliers, yet just how do they function? When I get a purpose that claims multiplier 24x (or any kind of various other number), it does not seem like I get 24 times as several factors. Just how does this job?

2022-06-07 14:41:16
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Distance = D¢ Coins = C¢ Multiplier = M¢ Score = S

All you do is: (M x D)+(C x M x 2) = S

So allows say D = 100, C = 50 and also M = 25.

Your rating is (25 x 100)+(50 x 25 x 2) which amounts to 5000.

2022-06-08 04:18:25

The closest point to a proper solution I can see is what Ibkid claims - ¢ (distance+(coins * 5)) * multiplier = Final Score

However this appears to use just if you never ever loaded the coin meter . When you load the coin meter, you get some incentive factors for obtaining a coin component, these are 100 and also 250 factors for the first and also 2nd component specifically and also 500 for each and every component after that, in addition, each time you get a coin component it appears you get an additional incentive 500 factors. Stumbling or passing away and also making use of ressurection clears the meter and also resets the coin components.

I've made some examinations myself and also I assume the last formula is this: ¢ (distance+(times filled meter * 500)+(coins * 5)+coin part bonuses) * multiplier = Final Score

For instance, if I have a x25 multiplier, ran 1000 meters and also accumulated 250 coins without tripping/ressurecting, I'll get (1000+2 * 500+250 * 5+(100+250)) * 25 = 90,000 factors

It appears that there are various other variables which influence this rating, I assume coins accumulated by incentives like with magnet or by accumulating a huge coin have various values, as a result of the nature of these incentives, it is tough for me to examine the specific values.

2022-06-08 04:16:09

It is the range ( d ) times the multiplier ( m ) plus coins ( c ) times multiplier times 5, so md + 5mc = score.

Additionally, the video game requires to consider power - ups raising coin value after a particular range.

2022-06-08 04:16:02

Here is just how to figure out about what your rating could be:

If you were to run a particular range without obtaining any kind of coins your rating (S) would certainly equal your range (d) times your multiplier (m): S = m × d.

Yet when you add coins, your rating is the multiplier times the range times the quantity of coins (c) separated by 1000: S = m × d × c / 1000.

(This might be off by 1000 factors.)

2022-06-07 19:35:32

Multipliers are most definitely raising your rating with time. See this video clip:

You'll see that at the start, ball game you obtain per secondly is something like 150 factors. When the gamer reaches 7000 and afterwards at 10000points (and also they are not accumulating coins) you can see the hundreds digit spin much faster and also much faster as the multiplier climbs up. I'm not 100% persuaded that it is being straightforward concerning the multiplier is mathematical result, yet it is most definitely making a distinction.

2022-06-07 16:33:53