How do I get the tadtone located under the lilypad?

Beware of looters.

I'm presently in Flooded Faron Woods, accumulating the tadtone items so as to get the Water Dragon is item of the Song of the Hero. I've accumulated every one of the items conserve one. Near the entry to the first dungeon in Faron Woods, there is a lilypad having a tadtone. I'm incapable to get it. I've attempted turning it over with my whip, getting on it from an additional lilypad, striking it, and also nearly anything else I can consider, nonetheless absolutely nothing has actually confirmed effective.

On the map listed below, the tadtone and also lilypad lies at the "1", on the map listed below:

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How do I get my hands on this last tadtone?

2022-06-07 14:41:20
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Actually you simply require to Clawshot onto the 2 Peahats from a neighboring (larger) lilypad, after that run better up the tree and also where there is butterflies you require to leap to come down on the lilypad to turn it over.

2022-06-08 03:07:13

To be able to get that tadtone, you require to turn that lilypad over. The spiky side is down in the water so you will not have the ability to utilize your whip on it. So if you remember what took place in the Ancient Cistern with the lilypads, to turn it, you require to get on it from high over. The only means you'll have the ability to get on it with a substantial adequate elevation would certainly be from the wonderful tree.

It needs to be rather noticeable where to leap from. When you climb up the tree, there will certainly belong of the system protruding towards that lilypad. Most likely to completion (and also see to it you are encountering towards the pad) and also leap down. You need to have the ability to come down on the lilypad, turning it over and also launching the tadtone.

2022-06-07 15:12:34

So as to get these, you need to bear in mind just how the lilypads operated in the Ancient Cistern.

You need to go back inside the tree, after that exit back out to the branches outside. As soon as there, you can climb the tree till you reach what resembles a ramp (which had not been utilized your very first time via below).

Embark on the ramp onto the lilypad to turn it over.

2022-06-07 15:12:14