Is there a fix for Skyrim crashing to the desktop when looking at a large gem pile?

I'm locating a great deal of treasures in dungeons, lately, therefore I've determined to load my cellar area with them.

I've obtained fairly a whole lot, and also after going down the last haul, I've located myself in the unfavorable scenario, that Skyrim collisions to desktop computer, everytime I search in the heap is instructions.

Despite having the door to the area shut, it still passes away badly.

Exists anything I can do to repair this? I was wishing for an impressive appearance, treasure heap, and also I am still much from that.

This took place both in the past, and also after, the 1.3 spot.

2022-06-07 14:41:29
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As meant by @Havoc, a feasible remedy is the Large Address Aware spot that was made. Nonetheless, this spot does not function with the most up to date 1.3 variation of Skyrim. It is totally most likely that Skyrim is collapsing due to the fact that it requires greater than the tough - secured 2 jobs of ram and also utilizing this customer - made spot will certainly permit Skyrim to access even more ram (thinking your computer system in fact has even more).

There could be various other variations, yet a fast search brought me to this patch on Fileplanet.

With any luck, Bethesda will in fact repair this concern themselves as opposed to making us rely upon customer - made solutions, yet that recognizes.

2022-06-07 15:13:51