What are games without player interaction, like Progress Quest, called?

I'm seeking video games like Progress Quest and also Idle RPG which contain really little communication with the gamer, yet can not identify a style to look for. What is the style called?

I've attempted "Zero - gamer games", yet that term appears to be inhabited by another thing.

2022-06-07 14:41:29
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On Kongregate, at the very least, they are called still video games.

2022-06-07 15:12:50

I think that this sort of program would certainly drop under the category of a "simulation" - omit any kind of reference of "game" and also you'll be more probable to find them in a search.

2022-06-07 15:11:29

There is not actually a "genre label" for this sort of pc gaming, merely due to the fact that non - interactive video games aren't a lot of a video game style. A lot of the ones that exist are either foolish idling video games (Idle RPG/Progress Quest/xx _ link_0), crawlers (similar to this one that plays a roguelike by itself), or extra AI experiment than video game (Conway's Game of Life, as an example).

I assume that "Zero Player Games" or "bot game" has to do with the most effective you can do. I did find some intriguing write-ups when I looked for "games that play themselves. "

There is additionally a subgenre of the approach style where you'll find video games where you can just connect indirectly with the video game globe, with video games like Populous or Evil Genius. This subgenre is usually called "Artificial Life" or "God Game".

Some video games can playing themselves, in a trial or "attract" setting. Gallery video games are specifically keen on this, as it attracts people to the closet and also reveals them what they could get for decreasing in a quarter.

If we take into consideration points like ProgressQuest video games, after that screensavers could be taken into consideration non - interactive video games too (or backwards, non - interactive video games could be screensavers). There was one screensaver for Win95 that played a little maze, as an example. Certainly, there is additionally the legendary After Dark plan that not just included a variety of points you could take into consideration to be non - interactive video games, yet additionally some screensavers that were totally usable, like Lunatic Fringe.

Component of the trouble is that we currently have several non - interactive kinds of electronic amusement. We provide several terms, yet one is "movie." You can take into consideration a flick like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to be a "game that plays itself." The lead character also degrees up, has added lives, and also battles a last employer. Or, take the flick Clue, which presumed regarding include numerous ends, and also each time you visited it there was an opportunity you would certainly see a various one. (I understand that is digressive, yet it is type of an intriguing apart to your inquiry.)

"Non Games" is a comparable term, yet it is extra for video games that have no objective, like Mario Paint. These video games ride the line in between video game and also application.

2022-06-07 15:10:18