Is it possible to become Thane of Falkreath without completing the main quests or the civil war quests?

I am adhering to this overview to come to be Thane of all the keeps in Skyrim. The Jarl Siddgeir does not ask me for a beverage, I finished Dengeir is pursuits. I finished the all the pursuits Dengeir offered me plus a lot of the pursuits for individuals of Falkreath. I do not have anymore discussion alternatives from either the Jarl or Dengeir. Is this badgered?

I have actually not finished a lot of the major plot pursuits or the civil battle pursuits. Is it feasible to come to be Thane of all the holds without finishing the major pursuits or the civil battle pursuits?

2022-06-07 14:41:38
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Well, the above message point out to find someone else in the Falkreath region and not necessarly in the town worked for me on the Xbox.

I had done two in town favors, then tried resolving werewolf guy, uncle vampire (bloodlet throne,) and the dedra dog's grand tour of over Skyrim None of these three resolved for third favor. So, I went to the mill, chopped some would, and that simply made #3. (bing your own ax, theres none laying about.)

I really don't try to read these things until I just get really stuck; this game is fun though.

2022-07-04 16:01:26

I've been having fun with console commands to attempt and also get a solution to a hearthfire bug, and also I assume I might have identified this trouble. You can just have one Favor110 pursuit energetic at once. Adhere to the above link. If you have any one of the various other Favor110 pursuits energetic, he will certainly not consult with you. See to it to full (or miss) any one of the various other Rare Gifts pursuits and also he will certainly be readily available to offer you pursuits to make you Thane.

2022-07-04 15:57:20

As for troubles finishing 3 pursuits to come to be Thane of Falkreath, it is not glitched, at the very least not entirely. If you resemble me, you are working with this later on in the video game and also most of individuals in the community have actually been exterminated by several dragons that you've needed to contest Falkreath. Numerous of the pointers individuals are offering do not function. The Farmer and also his better half are dead or gone, very same with the blacksmith and also others. The "dropping things in front of the soldiers" method does not function. I located that I had 2 of 3 pursuits finished to aid people of Falkreath, and also could not locate a 3rd to complete it off. It appeared I went to an impass. The pursuit to rescue Valdr (Hunter and also Hunted) you obtain from Valga Vinicia, the pub caretaker of Dead Man is Drink, does not count for some weird factor. Neither do 1 or 2 others. I will surrender and also call it an unresolvable bug after that I understood that the people you require to aid do not need to remain in the community of Falkreath - they require to be within the bigger area of Falkreath Hold. I at some point located Heri at Half - Moon Mill on the west side of Lake Ilinalta (NW of Falkreath) and also cut some timber for her. Voila, 3rd pursuit ultimately finished! I am currently Thane of Falkreath, yet Jarl Siddgeir is a poohead. And also no, you do not get the alternative to acquire a residence in Falkreath.

2022-06-08 03:16:34

Windhelm needs you settle the civil battle one means or the various other prior to coming to be Thane or acquiring your house. Whiterun needs you finish the first number of pursuits generally pursuit chain. Falkreath has no such constraints.

Nonetheless, the first pursuit you need to provide for the Jarl can be obstructed if you have an additional version of the Rare Gifts pursuit under the Miscellaneous area in your journal. If you do, full it. If you do not, see all the various other feasible pursuit providers, and also if any one of them supply you the pursuit, full it, after that examine back with Siddgeir once more. Repeat if essential.

2022-06-07 15:11:02