Does the extra XP gem apply to me or the weapon?

I simply obtained a treasure that provides+25% experience. Will it relate to the exp I reach level up, or to the exp for understanding the tool?

2022-06-07 14:41:40
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There isn't practically a point as Weapon or Character XP. There is simply one quantity of XP you obtain from a battle (Your XP incentive treasure would certainly increase this). That XP is after that reduced right into 5 equivalent components (one for each and every tool). Those 5 components after that try to add to your tools is mastery degree.

A great deal of individuals do not appear to recognize just how XP actually operates in this video game so I will certainly attempt to clarify it the most effective I can. Any kind of XP related to your tools, is additionally related to your personality. The number that is divided right into 5 components is primarily the maximum you will certainly receive and also just how much of it you get relies on your tools is mastery degree.

As an example, allows claim you have all brand name - new tools that has no proficiency on it whatsoever. You obtain 1,000 XP at the end of a battle. With your 25% XP incentive treasure, this would certainly increase the total up to 1,250 XP (You do not in fact see the XP rise similar to this). The XP is divided right into 5 components of 250 XP per tools. Each tool will certainly soak up that 250 XP for it is proficiency and also at the very same time will certainly enhance your personality degree. at the end of this battle your personality would certainly get the complete 1,000 XP due to the fact that none of your tool is were understood yet.

If a tool currently has proficiency yet not entirely loaded yet , it requires allows claim 100 XP to reach complete proficiency, the 100 XP will certainly be soaked up by the tool and also enhance your personality degree. The various other 100 XP is shed and also primarily vanishes. If the various other 4 things obtained all 250 XP after that you would certainly obtain 1100 XP from the battle.

If a tool is entirely understood (suggesting you currently obtained the ability factor from it), after that it soaks up none of that 250 XP and also all of it is thrown out, not profiting you or the tools.

As a result of all this, it is necessary to attempt and also just usage tools that has actually not been understood yet so you can get the XP after a battle and also utilize it to level up, as opposed to it being thrown away.

2022-07-12 09:18:45

You do not straight gain XP. Rather, the XP any kind of thing you have actually outfitted gain translates straight to your XP. If every one of the things outfitted are understood, you obtain 0 XP from a fight.

I can not confirm this, yet my presumption is that you would certainly get a 25% incentive to the last XP tally after a battle.

2022-06-07 15:13:15